Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Beginning

Paris, July 12th, 2007

Elwing sleeping. Oscar watching the two young sparrows chatting on the windowsill. The flowers on the balcony.

I take some pictures and then I have to leave my appartment for work. Looking for nature as an overall theme for my posts.

I take the Underground, there's absolutely nothing in here that reminds me of nature, except for all those people but I am not bold enough to take pictures of them. Tourists do that because there is something I call touristic immunity. I should try to play tourist, I know I can get away with it .. Or professional photographer but then I either would need a real big or a real tiny camera and I can't afford that. So. No pictures of my co-travellers.

When I get off the Métro, I find something. Some trees and a sign above a shop which says: NATURALIA -produits biologiques et naturels. A shop full of nature?

I take a picture and continue my way to work. Down the street - absolutely no nature there.
I arrive at work, which is in the photo-gallery/office of the International Federation of Photographic Art. I am lucky because in here there are a lot of images of nature,at least.

Now I've got to turn on my computer and work...See you later with pictures:)


claire said...

Longue vie à ce nouveau blog ! Contente de te retrouver là ! Tes chats bilingues !! sourires , je crois même qu'ils sont polyglottes , non ?
La nature à Paris ? Moi qui vient de ma campagne régulièrement , je trouve la nature bien courageuse à la capitale et j'ai fait connaissance de certains arbres ;-) que je salue à chaque passage !

sukipoet said...

I love the shots of your cat above and these shots of Paris. I live on Cape Cod USA and all my life have felt I belonged in Paris. Vicarious travel. Also your textiles are lovely. Found your blog via Mary Richmond's blog. Suki