Thursday, September 20, 2007

So many projects....

Under Influence

This is what I do sometimes while "metroing", as long as there are not too many travelers. I like the seats under the left windows, it provides the best position to draw...

The journey lasts about 35 minutes. It's a bit wobbly but I like to doodle and to put down sudden ideas or words associated to a special theme. Mindmapping. Later, when I have a little time, I put watercolour in to make images more vivid.

I like to think that the fact of spending this time together with all those strangers does have a certain influence on what goes onto the paper. Perhaps the expression of their faces reflects in those rough drafts?

Who knows, though, where that nun came from? She doesn't look very happy with her headdress. And this little head on the right side of the nun, with the can of beer on it: In Germany, where I come from, some Hessian women out in the country still wear traditional costumes with headdresses shaped like this!

Complete change of era just a page later. I certainly would love to make a mask like this, a sort of Napoleonian Spirit Mask.

Beneath is a punky mysterious girlspirit and the shape of a turkish shephard.
Oh, I don't remember very well but I'm not sure having seen this turkish shephard with his felt-cloak in the Metro that day... I think I saw a photograph of him and I was impressed by this piece of cloth, it looked as if someone hat put two sticks in it!Next is a protective animal spirit with a crown of fibres around his head and a sort of venetian mask with giant earrings. Thoughts about "sheen", patina, haunted me that day. It is all about how to best transform the cloth into something that has already lived...
Well. I guess chance is little that I will ever be bored.


Patti said...

I love hearing about your creative processes, especially the inspiration you get from travelling on the train. Your mask drawings are fascinating.

Carla said...

I love your masks, wonderful work

ParisBreakfasts said...

THANKS for dropping by PB Andrea!
These are terrific.
I'd love to stop by FIAP when I'm in Paris!
Merci :)

Elizabeth said...

Have i told you how awesome I think you and your work are?
These are great ... I enjoyed seeing how you sketch your ideas, how your art starts out and how you spend your time on the train. I wonder if those people know they are subconciously influencing you?!

Now I shalln't be able to wait until i see these being made up ... a whole family of spirits.

Annica said...

You sketches are gorgeoous!