Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Get side-tracked

I have been working on my wallhangings since 8 this morning, now it's time for a break. I'll take you to the center of Paris in the 11ème Arrondissement, into little streets not far from the "rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine" which ends at the Bastille.

Sometimes, on my way to or from the photo-gallery where I have a parttime job, I take sideways. Little passages. I get sidetracked by beautiful little shops like this manga shop, where not long ago I bought three mangas, a little figurine and a little handbag for my stepdaughter. Two very enthousiastic salesgirls told me all about the heroe of the three books I bought: a very cute young man gets a very dangerous and important mission from the gods ...I forgot the rest of the story but Axelle liked it a lot. The handbag too, which was shaped like a cat's head. Manga specialist know what cat I'm talking about.

There are nice-looking restaurants where one would sit down with good friends and have the "plat du jour" like coq au vin, or roasted beef.

There are "second hand" shops where you can buy little sad-looking bears waiting to be rescued from abandonment

others more fierce-looking with cradles and swords

humming whipping tops with the assorted handclapping Teddy and minibaby....

and when you have had enough of those, there are the graffities, the reflecting shop windows and architectural details....

Well, I guess I have to go now, off to work but I will follow up with pictures of graffity later.. and with thoughts about little, abandoned, sad Teddy-bears. I wonder, why someone would give away an old Teddy-bear. Next thing I'll do is draw my old Teddy bear who is wearing a red and white checkered skirt! You'll see.


Mary Richmond said...

Oh what a lovely little break from it all this just was. Thanks for the lovely tour of your walk in Paris....ahhhhhhhhh, t'was wonderful!

Elizabeth said...

What an enjoyable tour of Paris, thank you! I like seeing the city through the eyes of someone who lives there, so much better than a travel guide and nearly as good as being there (but not quite! ;-)).

The darling bears are just too sad ... I need to give them a big cuddle & then bring them home where they will be warm and loved.

What did you make of the photos I emailed? I thought the similarity remarkable.

sukipoet said...

I love this stroll through your Paris pathways. Never been to Paris, but what I'd do if I came was walk on just such alleyways and hidden places.Is that You in the beret!!?? I own about 5 berets in different colors. thanks for the tour. Suki