Saturday, October 13, 2007


I haven't done my one-drawing-a-day homework. But I have sketched. Everything is about autumn these days.

Autumn is here. Leafs are changing colours. It gets dark earlier, sometimes there is this special autumn quality to the air, fresh and moist and with an earthy and slightly "fungusy" smell....

Now our needs change, we begin to long for warmth, also in colours.... We huddle and re-discover our cosy soft sweaters. Time to relax. Time for insight. What are we doing? Time for concentration. Thoughts about were we came from.

I think about my two grandmothers which I hardly knew. I call it "my fierce grandmothers" because that is what they had to be in those times...

The girl with purses as earrings. I like to imagine large faces. In the purses I imagine golden leafs, her treasure.

These three are representing part of the cyclic change we all are experiencing:

1. the Ox-spirit 2. The Autumn-Tree-Spirit 3. Salome or the 7 veils

I don't explain what Salomé or the 7 veils has to do with it all, cause I don't know:) Have a nice weekend.


Elizabeth said...

these are just fantastic Andrea - Ia grre, a time for different colours, cosiness, warmth, inward looking and reflection... and celebrations to come, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas. and all those entail. I think your masks/faces are majestic, regal, powerful and also 'everywoman'. They are spiritually strong. I can also see these as great theatre costumes... they need a play or opera to go with them.

At the moment England are playing France in the Rugby... shall we still be friends by the end of the evening.. ;-)

Elizabeth said...

'la grre' was suppossed to say 'i agree' (typing too fast!)

Cris in OR said...

I thought maybe Elizabeth was making up a new word. ;)

I would say that these would count as drawings. My goodness they are wonderful. Love the colors. You should do theatre costumes.
Yes Elizabeth 'la gree" too. ;-)

Thank you for you lovely remarks on my stuffed toy drawings. I suppose I will do a couple more as I am really enjoying doing them.

Lynn said...

I love the leaves as hair. Head piece? So strong. What grandmothers these. Not soft and cuddly that is for sure. Majestic.
Leaders. Heads of households, communities.

Yes, Fall/Autumn...ordered new barn jacket with insolation, new cord pants...bought knee socks, shoes with furry linings. Doesn't even get THAT cold here. But I'll be ready in case it does.

Wonderful colors in your drawings/sketches. ia grre too. I thought Eliz was growling! Like a strong matriarch.

sukipoet said...

Sorry you never knew your two grandmothers. But they are remembered in your wonderful drawings. Your sketchbook looks so professional and lively. Your words are poetic. I like your inspiration: see broccoli in everything. I agree lagrre that these sketches look theatrical.

sukipoet said...

ps love the purses as earrings. Filled with gold. Hmm.

Lynn said...

I wonder what the seven veils are hiding? Mysterious.

Debbi Baker said...

I love your "autumn" thoughts - very thought provoking. I hope you don't mind but I have tagged you - see my blog for details. Hope you'll participate - it is just for fun!

Patto said...

Love the fierce grandmothers - it's true they had to be that way in times past.

Purse earrings filled with gold leaf - how wonderful, I'd like some of those!

Patti said...

I'm worse than Elizabeth at typing!

The last comment was from me, Patti not Patto! Hopeless!

Lara Berch Tutorials said...

Hi Andrea
thanks a lot for linking to my site. I have linked to you on my site as well.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

I enjoyed glancing through the masks and photos here on your blog. very inspirational!