Thursday, October 18, 2007

Madame Fabienne's Magic Garden

This is what my neighbourhood looks like on a fine, sunny October morning. You will find treasures here! Hidden in one of the shorter side-streets there is an elementary school (école maternelle).

Right in front of the entrance there is a beautiful little garden, protected by a fence...and by Madame Fabienne. She takes care of her "jardin magique"!

Madame Fabienne looks after the magic creatures who live in this garden. They are all elderly, once abandoned toys , rescued by Madame. Now they are happily living together in this colourful community. They sleep during the day and are very busy at night. They move around. That is why the kids stick their noses through the fence every morning and try to find out, who is who, and who has changed place.

I took pictures of almost everybody in there, they were all so special. Madame Fabienne gave her permission to publish the photos here on my blog, thank you Fabienne! (She is a painter, too!)


Patti said...

These photos are wonderful and brightened my day - 'magique' indeed!

I love Paris and visited there for a few days back in 1988. I'd love to visit again some day - so much art to see and atmosphere to soak up.

tammy vitale said...

I love it when someone has the imagine to see the creation of such a magical garden - and then someone else takes pictures and shares! I think it increases the good magic in the world - and don't we all know we need that! I keep thinking I want magic in my yard - wonder what's stopping me?!

Cris in OR said...

These ARE wonderful. I love it that someone takes time to bring some fun and magic into childrens lives. I loved the Pais shots too. I have never been there so I love to see pictures and hear about it.
Thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

Oh Andrea this is so magical. I love the toys hidden in the garden and the idea that they come alive at night. I adore the story of the children coming to see what's changed. Just delightful.

Your home is beautiful. I was gasping at the first sight of your "neighborhood" buildings. So old and wonderful and exciting to me to see. So charming and wonderful. Oh how I would LOVE to come there to visit and be a part of this for a bit. You are fortunate to live is such a beautiful enviornment. The photos are terrific! Thanks for sharing this part of your life here.

Lynn said...

PS: I love the new photo of you in color now! And the mask is also intriguing! So well done.

sukipoet said...

Love the tour of your marvelous neighborhood. Lovely buildings. And the magical garden.And the woman who created it!! Thank you for showing it. Like the white boundry round your photos too.

I too enjoy new photo of you watching and the mask. You have been busy.

ANDREA said...

Hello I'm glad to have something nice to share with you!
I must also say that my building doesn't have such a glamorous facade, it is more simple:)

suki, I do not know where the white boundry comes from, it disturbed me at first sight. Suddenly after changing the look of my blog it had changed... I'll have to found out:)

Elizabeth said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo! This is just soooo cute and adorable and fun; I love that Madame takes the time to care for these forgotten toys... all toys should be loved and have a good home. I like how they move around at night, and the children peek in to see who has moved.

Thank you for the photos of your neighbourhood. It made my heart ache to see Paris again, it is SUCH a long time since I went there, I had forgotten how beautiful and chic it is; the air is filled with magic!

Of course the perfect life is still 1 home in the city and 1 in the country too ;-)

Nice to see you in close up too. Miss Piggy's hair looks great!

Clevelandgurlie said...

Madame sounds like a very special human being -- cultivating a garden of such magic.

Ulla said...

Hallo Andrea,
Danke für deinen Besuch auf meinem Blog.
Dieser Garten von Madam Fabienne ist zauberhauft unf berührt die Seele.Ich danke ihr, dass sie uns daran teilhaben lässt.
Liebe Grüße

Elizabeth said...

Ooooo1 I had to come back again for another look - I want to go to Paris NOW! :-)

Clevelandgurlie said...

Good evening Andrea. Just wanted to share with you that my daughter Sabrina (age 12) and I looked through your blog together and she was enchanted by the images of your masks. She also was fascinated by Madamme's magic garden and also wondered - who would give away their old teddy.