Friday, October 26, 2007


I have planned to take my time for some nice, elaborated drawings, but it could not be done. Lost track of the days too. Family things, work things, lot of things. But there always are.

This morning I went to Elizabeths blog, and admired her beautyful drawings. Finally that got me going again! Thank you Lizzy:)

I decided that quick drawings is the only thing I can manage these days. Be it so. I grab pen and paper, a fat sign-pen and my 24x32 cm (9"x12") sketch block, scratch scratch scratch!

First things first: Oscar, getting ready to jump onto the television, he knows I hate when he does that.

Next my walking shoes, with their gaping mouths, waiting for my feet.

One of the chairs in our little "dining-corner" with an old damaged silk pillow which we like very much,

And the dish-drying-rack. We have a dish-washer but never use it these days...

And my pen-purse, I draw this two weeks ago with a fine pen in my Moleskine but did not like it immediately. I thought it looked as if it had hairs on it:) Now I like it better:


sukipoet said...

That Oscar.(both Oscars I guess) What a character. Funny that he likes the TV. Does he watch his namesake on Sesame Street?

These are sweet drawings. I liked the chair,the angle you drew it from. the dish drainer packed with your daily dishes. And esp the pen purse. Is that placed inside your regular purse? I have been thinking abt purses actually due to my buying my little 3x5 notebook and trying to fit it into my already crammed tiny purse I use. Wondering how folks carry these drawing supplies when out and about in the world. Your purse has character and umph like Van Gogh's shoes. Your shoes too. Well worn and full of life.

ANDREA said...

Suki, the purse in the purse is a leather knife-purse with a mini-knife it it. I sharpen my pencils with it. When I was in artschool, I had a corean friend who always did that in order to economise! I liked the idea and I also like cute little knives!
About the notebook: I always carry around a little rucksack so that I can take my Moleskine with me, plus two ink pens, one thicker the other finer. You make me laugh again with "umph like Van Gogh's" shoes. What does umph mean?:):)

ANDREA said...

PS: I should get Sesame Street on DVD and let Oscar watch Oscar in order to educate him (perhaps there is still hope?), thanks for the idea!

tammy vitale said...

yes - isn't Lizzie an inspiration! And look at you - these are wonderful!

Reminds me of a picture I just got from Eileen the Dream - she's cleaning out her art - for $35. I figured it was a print, but it's an original! Love pen and ink - I used to do it but don't have the inclination or patience for it any more. I love looking at it though. Who knows I may get inspired (or defeated - these are "quick"? sketches???)

Cris in OR said...

Yes I agree with Tammy. Lizzi is so inspiring but then so are you. I love your line drawings. you both are such good artists and you dont even just do. I will consider myself a good drawing artist when I can make something look like something with just a few quick lines.
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Spelling? I dont notice.. just notice the lovely thoughts. ;)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hi Andrea
thanks for visiting my blog - I'm glad you did because now i've found yours. these drawings are great. i LOVE the one of the plates the lines on them are so good. i now want to go and do some quick drawings as mine seem to take days!

Greetings from UK

Elizabeth said...

You are welcome! Nice to be of use :-)

I totally love your 'style' of drawing, it is like handwriting but draw-writing, full of expression. Really excellent pictures.

Oscar is great - like the lines.

Shoes - I like the way you have drawn their 'mouths' !

Chair - so fine and delicate and yet very 'there' or grounded. Nice cushion, it would be interesting to see another sketch with the silk in colour maybe.

Dishes - tricky subject well done.

Pen Purse - I like it. Also glad to see that someone else besides me has one of these. Mine is the same shape, green with brown leather trim :-)
I often do the same thing: dislike a picture only to change my mind after a space of time. Must be an artistic trait.

Lynn said...

I think I shall try drawing all seem to get great stuff this way. Such challenges. I take them all on!
Brave Lynn.

Courageous CAT!
Love the details you gleaned on all the drawings...done quickly, huh?

Do have a wonderful trip. Look forward to more of your wonderful art upon your return.