Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today is already Wednesday????

I had planned to post the funny 10-seconds cat-drawings of Oscar (inspired by Cris and Suki's beautiful drawings of Romeo and Emily Dickinson:)). Sorry but didn't have the time yet. I promise myself (and you) to do it this evening.

Yesterday evening I draw hands in the Métro, I warn you they are not beautiful. But I'd still like to share these drawings with you. I tried not to look at the two men's hands too long and I fainted to look at my Moleskine, although I stared crosseyed over there, so some fingers are looking like thick Frankfurters:

And now..........................Guess what this is


No! This is my scanned head. I have been to the hairdresser this morning, needed some colour and got it, love it, wanted to show it to you ...

While sitting under a sort of casserole under steam, I decided not to read the tabloids with the latest news about poor Britney's misbehavings, but to draw instead. Now that was heroic. What would one not do for the Big Draw!

So the subject would either be me, head-wrapped in plasticfoil under steam - or a nice little expresso coffee cup with its saucer. Tough choice! I preferred the coffee-cup. The sketches are all on top of each other which is fun but... I guess I have to practice Ellipses.

Have a nice day, I'll be back with Oscar!


Cris in OR said...

Kudos to you for drawing instead of reading what the Rich and sad are doing. Cant wait to see the hands and cat drawings. Good job on the tea cups.
Also Love the hair color. You're about the color of my Annie now. I keep threatening to color it to match her. But my husband looks at me like I have lost it. LOL
And Yes where has the time gone?? The days roll around so fast anymore.
Thanks for your nice comments on my drawings.

Cris in OR said...

OOps. that is to color MY hair to match Annies color. ;-)

Cris in OR said...

Thanks for reading my whole blog. wow. check it out again. I looked up where the word Kudos came from and pasted it on my blog. Much easier there then here. Now I know more. ;-)

Lynn said...

Bravo for red hair. Great color, Brave color. Arty color. And you scanned your head? Too funny! We see no face so you had to lay on the scanner backwards and did you close the top down on your face then? I am laughing at the images my imagination is coming up with here. Sorry. Not meaning to laugh at your expense. But it is funny.
Next time I go in for a color job I'll take a paper to sketch on there too. It will be a while yet.

Cups are great. Hands were fun too. I like your taking the opportunity where ever you happen to be at the time. I also like that things don't have to look like photos of things when you draw! I think I need to relax my inner critic.

The quilt shop is offering a class in something that will teach me to stuff fabric for thickness so I can make masks too! That is my hope anyway! I want to follow in your artist footsteps (if I may). Mine will be very baby footsteps, but its a start.

Bad Faery said...

Lovely hair - very autumnal! And I'm reassured that I'm not the only crazy person who has scanned their hair;)

I love your sketches, they have great energy. Except now I want a large cappuccino...

Elizabeth said...

Glad you chose to draw instead of gossip! These are great, make me want a cup of something nice to drink.... right NOW!

Like your hair colour too :-) Tres belle! You are so funny, in a really good way... I love that you scanned your head! L.O.L. :-)))

Thank you for cheering me up every day, and for all of your kind and lovely comments. What a gem you are!

hugs, E

sukipoet said...

Hands and teacups. Love them. The hands with the swirling lines remind me of the swirls you sew on your masks. Maybe swirls are part of the way you see the world? Your teacups match those on Paris Breakfasts. You know she's in Paris right now don't you. Check out Paris Breakfasts blog if you havent already.

sukipoet said...

ps love hair color. Reminds me of colors you use in your masks. Wish I had a scanner!! For some reason blogger is letting me comment now as I am accessing the blogs from my blog list. Weird.

ANDREA said...

Thank you for the comments and hugs:) I think the hair color is now even brighter, I look a bit glowing. Yes Suki, I love swirls, labyrinths, mazes, when I draw/paint/stitch I put them everywhere but I think a lot of people drawing and painting do so. It must be something very archaic to draw a swirl...