Friday, November 30, 2007

ArtEveryDayMonth - November 30th: MORNING VISION

Good buy to AEM and hello to a new creative month!

This is what I saw this morning at 7.03 a.m, looking out of the kitchen-window. In reality the window is not as near as that, but I wanted to render the image interesting by increasing it's size. This was one of the two windows where people had lights on. And there are many windows.


Cris in Oregon said...

oh that is good. How did you do the gray for the person? I felt like I was looking in that window. ah peeping andrea.. lol.

sukipoet said...

Thanks for your sketch of a Parisian looking out their window. You looking and maybe they are looking.

I love the ancient doorway. That ancient look is what I try to achieve with my paint layers.

see my earring mask photos on my blog just for you!!!

Into the Blystic said...

Great contract and texture in the sketch! and I want to live in a house with a doorway like your ancient one! Stunning!

Anonymous said...

Your A.E.M. has been very enjoyable - I am really looking forward to what you might do with December! Each day, in the late afternoon, I prepare my cup of tea and settle down to my Andrea treat of the day -such fun!!!

ANDREA said...

Thanks for you comments, Cris, I did the gray for the person with the help of Photoshop because I draw this "on the road" and had only my black pen.
Suki, I like this ancient look too and try to achieve it with fabrics and paint.
Fifiquilter, what a funny name, how did you come up with it? I am glad that I contribute to a nice afternoon-break! I cannot be anymore without at least a doodle a day;)

Leah said...

yes! hello new creative month! :-) feel free to join in the creative every day challenge for 2008 starting in january!

thank you so much for joining in with aedm this year! it was so great meeting you though the project and i'll be sure to keep on checkin in!

Elizabeth said...

Excellent. All that hatching and scribbling must have taken an age!

Lynn said...

I like all these black squiggly lines. I learned about squiggles this week in class! Watch out, I am catching up with your. Yeah, sure! Not to worry! LOL