Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The little Mind-Animals in my Moleskine -ArtEveryMonth Day 13

After having drawn the little study for a "linographie" (I call it the "gloomy lino lesson" cause it looks so dark), I guess I needed a break from masks.

Then these little things came to my mind and onto the paper. Mind-animals. You can click on the image to see the tiny ones.


Cris in Oregon said...

You certainly filled up your moleskin page with some cute little creatures.. the Elephants are so cute.. holding onto each others tails like they do.

I like to doodle sometimes and see what comes out of my head. pretty scary sometimes. lol
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. ;-)

Clevelandgurlie said...

Mind animals - interesting concept. Is there such a thing as "mind dustbunnies" cause that's what I think I have lately. Those non-descript little ramblings with no arms, no legs and no features - they just tumble around and every once in a while rear their little fuzzy heads. YOur animals are whimsical - as is your spirit. My favorite - the kitty

sukipoet said...

Love the Wedding bouquet. What lovely colors and variety. Your little creatures look like they want to be in a comic book story. Inventive. I esp like the cat.

Lynn said...

These are such fun Andrea! A real playful part of you spilling out all over the page! Fun, fun, fun and funny!

And wedding flowers! Wonder where that idea came from? They sure brighten the page and the fall season too.

Elizabeth said...

I TOTALLY love these cute, fun little things, but then there isn't a piece of your work that I don't LOVE!

When and where is your show? If I can I would like to come over to see it...?