Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mini-Spaces II.

I finished the last of these mini-spaces yesterday around midnight, lying-sitting in bed. The last line drawn, I put the light out and suddenly felt claustrophobic...

Concentration on such a tiny little black square on paper makes me feel like squenched. It is as if I had to put my huge self into a very little box. Brrrr. Have to let it out today, go big again :)


sukipoet said...

A lovely quilt of drawings done at midnight. Wow. Your new doorway photo echoes the colors in your self photo. I don't like to work small either. It feels cramped. I have done in earlier years so rather largish paintings. Although they take a lot of paint and energy. Cheers.

sukipoet said...

You are good with negative spaces. I esp. like the rain or snow outside the window. The window being lighted, the rain/snow is black.

ANDREA said...

Suki, perhaps I was thinking of your snow in NH when I draw the window...:)
Cramped is the right word for what I feel when I draw these. They are fun and a sort of special "discipline" but my heart is with the largish paintings/works too. BTW, How big are your paper-cloth works?

Cris in Oregon said...

HOW do you do these. Do you draw in the little pictures and then color around them or just start doing the black. wow. amazing work. to tedious for me and I like doing small drawings. lol
They are so good Andrea.
Thanks for nice comments on my pigs. I am still not getting comments sent to me. Bummer too.

ANDREA said...

Cris, I sort of draw in part of the figure and then blacken part of it and so on, so that I can see how it looks.
I can't see the comments on bly blog in my mailbox neither. I checked the settings, everything is ok and it should work but doesn't. Hope they fix this soon:-o
I love your piggies!

Cris in Oregon said...

Thanks Andrea for letting me know your comments aren't going to your mailbox either. Grrr.. lol
I have to keep checking back on things. Wonder where we can complain to them about it???
Thanks also for explaining how you do things.

Elizabeth said...

Oh thank goodness for that (in a perverse sort of way) I thought I was the only one whose comments weren't being forwarded to them... I've checked everything too and all settings are OK. Hope it gets fixed soon, eh!

I like your little boxes of negative space, but understand when enough is enough. So I look forward to seeing your bigger work... how big is your largest piece?

Also look forward to catching up again when I return. Lots of Love

Lynn said...

My comments are coming into my email just fine! Sorry yours aren't. Bummer.
Fun little squares of interesting scenes here. People, cats, jumping over stuff, dancing? My art teacher, Brenda, talked about our putting ourselves into our work...maybe it's just hard for you to fit into the little spaces. LOL
You have to do like Alice in Wonderland and eat the cookie that makes you smaller.