Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cool Meditation n°3: "Delicate Flowers"

I decided to put this composition into the "Cool Meditation" Theme. It is better there than in the romantic theme cause it is so cool and "veiled" as you said:)


Kim said...

Ah, Andrea, this is very sweet! I love the way it looks veiled. Very Nice!

Anonymous said...

that is a lovely
flower art.

Cris in Oregon said...

This is pretty. I looks like it would be silky material.

sukipoet said...

Beautiful. So subtle yet the flowers shine out powerfully. Love your sidebar sketches too.

Lynn said...

Love these flowers. What is CAD?
Is that what made it look veiled?
Very very pretty fabric this would be.

ANDREA said...

Thanks and I'll soon post more, haven't had much time lately to blog as I'd like to blog - some family stuff had to be organized on Friday and today is market-morning and several house-holding tasks...and the computer being technically looked after by my husband.
Lynn, CAD is short for computer-aided design. Graphic design which you do on the computer. I take my own drawings and paintings, scan or photograph them and arrange them graphically on the computer the way I like to.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend