Monday, January 21, 2008

Cool Meditation n°2

(in the sidebar you can see some of the prints and watercolours I have made for an Underwater-theme some time ago, they are matching the COOL MEDTAION trend boards)

Colourways Cool Meditation "Straw and Honey"
COOL MEDITATION - "Crystal Silver" Trendboard with painted paper samples and fabric-swatches.
Crystal Silver is a very cool, soothing atmosphere, soft natural fluffy fibers and silver leather, glass bowls with sparse etched decorations, mother of pearl on reptile patterns, oyster-shells next to iridiscent ceramic artwork and laser-cut fabric and paper.
COOL MEDITATION - "Straw and Honey, Stone and Truffles" Trendboard collage with fabric and fibre-swatches.
Straw and Honey presents natural fibres like silk and cotton, abaca, bamboo, banana, in modern design combined with transparency expressed in glass bowls and light airy patterns, creamy and powdery colours - this atmosphere invites us to "empty" our mind.

Stone and Truffles (right side of the page) leads us into a modern den, with materials like concrete, marble, stone next to dark wood and fabric, grey crysals. It is like a protection from the noisy outer world.


human being said...

Wow! In these works one can see and understand the power of composition... these pictures and textures and colors the way you've put them together create such a unique atmosphere and mood...
Very thought-provoking.

Cris in Oregon said...

Love the warmer colors.
This is such an interesting and fun project you are doing. Thanks for sharing it with us.

sukipoet said...

These colors are soothing to the eye and spirit. I saw some of yr sea paintings somewhere else on yr blog and loved them. Imaginative. You have been very busy making the boards I think. Keep going!!!Best, Suki

TammyVitale said...

Love that nautilus! So help me get clear put these together and then someone buys the actual design or textiles? or the pallet? or what? I love what you're doing - it looks like great fun! I could see spending time with doing that if I were any good at it. But I tend to be fairly haphazard about decorating thus have no real experience at putting something like this together.

giuseppe said...

Hi there !
I found your blog while searching for textile blogs. I'm very glad to find someone working in textile design.
Recently I graduated from my textiles program. My program was more about "textile art" than design, so now I'm researching how to make a career in textiles. Thank you for writing your experiences here...

It's very interesting to hear about textile trends. I love reading the forecasts on the Premiere Vision website. I'd like to make a trends book too. Someday I hope to visit the textile fairs in Paris :)