Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wanted: A New Snoopy

We had to throw Snoopy away today!
His nose was missing and plenty of ugly stains covered his stuffed cotton body.
Washing him in the sink with soap did not help, - he disintegrated.
All that is left now are his clothes on the sideboard.

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Cris in Oregon said...

Oh poor ole Snoopy. Gone but not forgotten. I hope you find a new snoopy to fill his clothes. sniff

dmlebris said...

Poor Snoopy!

I hope you can find another one in Paris....
If not, maybe we can find one for you, here, in the US.

Have a great day.


Cestandrea said...

Yes sniff, poor Snoopy, we will search for a new one here, I have the feeling that Snoopies are not fashionable anymore. Bit if we cannot find one here, I'll tell you and perhaps you can find one for me, my american friends, as Danielle suggested:) Have to measure the clothes before .....
Have a good Sunday!

Kim said...

Awe, it is a sad story Andrea! I have not seen Snoopy around in a while. But if I see one, I will get it for you! I am sorry, Andrea!

Andrea, if we can't find another Snoopy, maybe his clothes could be passed on to someone who has no a little bear or something. :(

Cestandrea said...

Hi dear friends, oh I think it is a good idea to give Snoopy's clothes to someone else here in our home:) I will organize a "try-it-on" evening with all the stuffed animals I have around here (not sooo much though) and let you know about it!
Have a good Monday

dmlebris said...


Do give me the size of "snoopy", I'll look around for one that will fit in the old clothes...

I may be lucky! :)

Talk to you soon.


human being said...

He was and still is one of my favorites.

Cestandrea said...

Danielle, I measured Snoopy's clothes, the trousers are 3.3 and the little sweater 2.4 inches. So I guess the Snoopy fitting in to these has to be 8 inches, better than 6:)
Please tell me what I have to do to order it:),can I do this via internet?

dmlebris said...


I found the 8" snoopy wearing the same clothes that your old one.
I could not find one naked :)

I found it on ebay, not new but in very good condition with not stains or markings.

If you are interested, here is the name of the seller on ebay


There is one more day to the bidding and there is 1 bidder.
The price is $7.50 so far.

Do you want me to bid on it or you would you rather do it yourself?

Let me know as soon as possible.

Danielle :)

Cestandrea said...

Danielle, oh my, thanks so much for looking!!! Thanks to your indications we have found the ebay seller and we'll bid! Thanks again for you sweet help:) It is exactly this Snoopy that will fit into our old clothes. Like this he has one pair of clothes to change:)