Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Message from Miss Doodle: Happy Birthday Kim, Wurzerl and Andrea

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Clevelandgirlie said...

Happy Birthday to You -- Yes ALL of You -- What lovely company you keep -- the three of you all having birthdays this month.
May your special day be full of joy - yummy cake - and lots of artistic presents!!! XO

Kim said...

Thank you so much, Miss Doodle! This is an incredibly beautiful birthday gift from an incredibly beautiful artist and friend!

I wish for Andrea and Wurzerl all the beauty the world has to offer on this very special day for us all!

Thank You!

human being said...

Again happy birthday to you all!

Lynn said...

What a wonderful French Birthday Cake and Ms Doodle has the candles on her skirt. Happy Birthday to all of you celebrating today!

Special birthday wishes for you Andrea!!!!! I hope you are doing something fun to celebrate your life today!

katie jane said...

Happy Birthday to you all. So nice to see Miss Doodle all dressed up in her fine necklace. Would this be one from a recent excursion to Paris? I bet so. Lovely cake.

Genie said...

Hope you had a great day

sukipoet said...

Oh what a lovely birthday cake for all those with March birthdays!! Happy Day.

Andrea thanks for your kind comments. 101. Goodness. That is quite an age. Mom is still weak and tired but will go back to rehab tomorrow for awhile.

Cestandrea said...

Thanks for your kind wishes, and yes, isn't it incredible, we have our birthday on the same day:)

Now it is gone again and we will have to wait until next year to celebrate it together:)

Still longing for more springlike weather here in Paris, it is grey and cold...

Have a great day

Wurzerl said...

Meine liebe Miss Doodle, das waren aber ganz besondere Geburtstagswünsche, ich danke Dir sehr dafür.
Liebe Andrea, mit Miss Doodle kann ich nicht ganz mithalten, aber ich wünsche Dir noch von Herzen alles Gute, habe Dich gestern hochleben lassen und Dich fest in meine Wünsche mit eingeschlossen.
Gestern kam ich nicht mehr zum Mailen, weil meine Freunde mich hier so eingedeckt haben mit Besuchen, Telefonaten etc. daß ich kaum zum Schnaufen kam. War gut so, denkt man nicht soviel über anderes nach! Bis bald Wurzerl