Friday, March 14, 2008

Snoopy is back in his clothes

Remember my post "Wanted - A new Snoopy"? and the story about how we had to throw Snoopy away because he was definitely unhandsome?

By the intermediary of Danielle, here is the new-old Snoopy, back in his old trousers but with a new shirt, the same only a bit cleaner:)

He is from Oklahoma-City:), isn't he cute? Don't hesitate to click on him for a nice close-up!

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human being said...

Welcome back Snoopy!
Nice clothes...especially the sweatshirt. It's a good color on you.
Think it's that red old ink Andrea loves a lot... It's so bright and lovely.

Kim said...

An OKC Snoopy! Cool! Snoopy looks like he is enjoying his new life in Paris, too!

This is a great drawing, Andrea! I love the clarity and the look on Snoopy's face! He seems to be saying, "Whooopie!"

I am glad he has come to live with you.

Cris in Oregon said...

It is a small world when you have the internet. You put it out there and someone( Danielle) found him for you.
I Love the drawing.

katie jane said...

Cute Snoopy! I didn't get to see the old one, but this one is dead-on Snoopy! Hope he's as happy as he looks. Great sketch.

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Andrea - just catching up on your last several posts. I love your blog and all your art - always fascinating and so beautiful. And new snoopy is so cute!

Micki said...

Oh, I love Snoopy. He's so cute!

Lynn said...

Wonderful drawing of a beloved "pet"...and how wonderful of Danielle to send him to you to paint, clothe, and love.

D.M. Le Bris said...


I told you I would find a computer to say hello! I am still in Philadelphis. We'll drive back to NH tomorrow morning. Beautiful weather here - SPRING!

Snoopy looks beautiful with his new shirt.

He looks very happy now that he moved to the city of light - Paris!

As always a wonderful drawing whith your amazing watercolors.

Talk to you soon.