Friday, March 21, 2008

Surprise!"HAPPY SPRINGTIME" Überraschung!"Fröhliche Frühlingszeit"


Miss Doodle has a surprise for you.

What is in this bag?

Go and look here

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So, ab heute geht's hier zweisprachig zu! So hat jeder was davon. Und da gibts auch gleich eine Überraschung von Miss Doodle. Nur auf das Bild klicken, dann huiiiiiiiiiiiii, fliegt Ihr geradewegs hinein.....

Schönes Wochenende:)


Genie said...

Happy Easter.
Cant wait for tomorrow????
Re shoe polish Technique.
Have not tried it yet but would have thought it would work as a resist.

Cris in Oregon said...

Love your drawings and the colors you used. Even tho you are a tease. LOL

Kim said...

Oh, first of all I love this painting so much! I love the colors and the composition so much. It makes me want to skip and hop! The ribbon is a lot of fun, flowing in the breeze.

I love your idea of a surprise, too! Of course each day I come to your blogs, there is a beautiful surprise. So this is a very special treat.

Now, I also love the way you are including your mother tongue to your blog. This is so beautiful and gives even more of the beautiful person you giving!

Have a Beautiful Weekend...I can't wait until tomorrow!

human being said...

OH!I'm dying to see what it is!
On Norooz we exchange gifts and this one seems so special!
Thanks for making the celebration of these occasions much happier and more colorful. Hugs.

katie jane said...

You are just plain mean, teasing us this way! Well, we are all in suspense so HURRY UP! Love the pictures, as usual