Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Signs of the Zodiac - Aquarius (1) - Sternzeichen Wassermann (1)

"Oh but, this Aquarius is a women" my stepdaughter said to me when she saw this new Zodiac painting yesterday. I hadn't thought of it like that, but yes, most of the Zodiac pictures you can find in books or magazins or the internet show a male Aquarius.

I will post the description of the sign here tomorrow, as I have to prepare the english translation.
Watercolour, acrylic paint, coloured pencils and ink pen (available as print ltd.edition here)

"Oh, dieser Wassermann ist ja eine Frau" - meinte Axelle, die Tochter meines Mannes, (Stieftochter klingt zu sehr nach böser Stiefmutter) als sie dieses neue Sternzeichenbild sah. Ich hatte darüber noch nicht nachgedacht, aber die meisten Sternzeichenbilder, die man in Büchern, Illustrierten oder auch im Internet findet, stellen den Wassermann eher als Mann dar.
Die Beschreibung des Sternzeichens Aquarius erscheint morgen!

Aquarellfarben, Acrylfarbe, Buntstifte und Tuschstift (hier als Kunstdruck in limitierter Aufl.)

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Cestandrea said...

N.B.The dress of the Aquariuswoman is painted with opaque gold acrylics. This only shows on the original painting. The print shows this as a rich golden ocre.

Kim said...


This is exquisite! She is lovely, truly lovely. I am sure the golden dress is even more incredible.

These zodiac women are powerful and Aquarius is a perfect example! I wish I knew someone who was born under the sign of Aquarius.

Thank you so very much!

sukipoet said...

This is beautiful Andrea. I love the colors. I suddenly flashed on the artists in Paris in the 20's who got into making posters. So wonderful. Though i know this isnt a poster.

I love the stars in the sky and the water flowing from the jugs. and her boots are cool. You are too wonderful, Miss Andrea. Be well and have a sauna and facial. Did you ever have a facial? Very relaxing. Someone gave me one as a gift. Suki

Cestandrea said...

Kim thanks so much, I don't know why, when I began this painting after having read the description of the sign, I painted a woman. It goes so well with the pouring:)

Suki, thanks to you, too, yes, I guess this would make a great poster, a good idea!

I could use a facial, oh yes, the sauna perhaps would be a bit hot as I already feel so hot quite often at the moment:)

San said...

I've always been a little jealous of Aquarians. They seem to ride the crest of change with such calm. More, accurately, they create the crest. I love the way this water-bearer is doing just that--making her own waves in both a big and small way.

And I believe these are my favorite colors in this ongoing series, although in general your palette is gorgeous.

Martine said...

Ja warum muessen es denn immer maenner sein? Der wassermann, oder der gott? Die wasserfrau als goettin waere mir mal ganz lieb.
Uebrigens finde ich deine malerei einfach...... himmlisch.........!

Genie said...

My Eldest daughter is an Aquarius.she was born with the water. lovely painting as usual Andrea.

Cestandrea said...

San, I love your comment, it gives me more insight to this sign, I love to look at the facettes of persons born under the different signs. And thanks so much for your compliment of my palette, that means a lot!

Cestandrea said...

Martine, genau: warum nicht Wasserfrauen:)
Danke schön für Deine netten Kommentare, die ich immer gerne lese und für das Kompliment.
Ich komme auch bald wieder zu Besuch, muss aber dieses Wochenende als Übersetzer arbeiten und werde leider nicht zum Bloggen kommen. Aber danach hab ich 2 Wochen Urlaub in Deutschland bei meinen Eltern, da wird gebloggt (mit dem neuen Laptop:)
bis dann

Cestandrea said...

Genie, I love your expression: She was born with the water!
Have a ovely weekend, I will be back on Thursday (work over the weekend)

Cestandrea said...

To all my friends:
I'll be away from Blogging from today until Monday included, work as an interpreter all day long, so the description of this sign will be posted later, so sorry for the delay:) Have a wonderful weekend

Cris in Oregon said...

You have some bright lovely colors you use. Is this your new paints you are using now? the pop. :)

Chris Bolmeier said...

Andrea, I love your Aquarius, you have such a wonderful creative imagination. It's always curious to see what you will come up with. I'm going to try to sign up for your newsletter again. I think I'm doing it wrong.
Love Chris

Cestandrea said...

Cris, yes these are the Sennelier Watercolours plus coloured pencil and acrylic paint, which makes it denser. I like to use watercolour like this sometimes.

Cestandrea said...

Chris, thanks for coming here:) I always come to your blog (I am signed up for it) but don't often leave a comment these times cause I don't have much time. But I love your art and always like to visit it:)

Wurzerl said...

Liebe Andrea,
ich finde es immer genial, wenn sich jemand nicht an die jahrhundertelangen eingefahrenen Schienen hält. Auch denke ich nicht, daß es eine Freud'sche Fehlleistung ist, wenn Du im Wassermann die Frau herausgefiltert hast.
Wasser = Leben !!! Leben = Frau !!!
Also Volltreffer, gute Interpretation.Und wie immer "märchenhaft" umgesetzt!
Lieber Gruß und viel Spaß in der Heimat (weit von München?)
vom Wurzerl

Cestandrea said...

Wurzerl, danke für Deinen schönen Kommentar! Die Heimat ist in Hessen, in Giessen genauer gesagt, nicht weit von Frankfurt am Weisswurstäquator:)

Anonymous said...
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Lynn said...

She is lovely and full of vibrant color! I Love the pot of water over her shoulder, a strong woman figure. YES.

Yesterday I framed the smaller of the two paintings I have of yours. Still looking for the right frame for the larger one/sand dollar shell. But the first looks marvy on my wall. I'll blog them soon.

Cestandrea said...

Lynn, thanks so much for you comment, yes, we like strong women:)And I'm happy to know that the prints do well in your home! Love

Anonymous said...

Youpi !! C'est super chouette le verseau ;)) Merci ...

Cestandrea said...

Marigaz,:) il y aura deux autres bientôt, j'en fais toujours trois de chaque signe. Le temps que je mets à faire ça, avec tout les autres projets que j'ai sur la table ou en tête, j'en ai pour au moins jusqu'à la fin du siècle:)