Saturday, April 12, 2008

A thousand things - Just one: my palette

I have a thousand things to do, but I did this first. Had to, cause I had to get acquainted with my new Sennelier Watercolours. After having done this, the eye and the hand can place each colour better on it's place in the box. This is essential for an instinctive use of the colour.

I haven't much else to offer you today, I'm in a hurry here and head off to the hearth now:) to prepare a QUICHE LORRAINE (oh, of course I have, Miss Doodle saying Good Bye to NYC)
Have a wonderful weekend

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sukipoet said...

Beeautiful new watercolors and what a great idea to make this chart. Are they tubes or little rectangles?

I just made a quiche myself for dinner tonight. Have a glorious weekend. Hope warmer weather has come to Paris.

Cestandrea said...

Suki, these are little rectangles. I like to work with those. How was your quiche?:)

Cris in Oregon said...

Love the chart. Good idea. Pretty too. Quiche sounds wonderful. Hope it turned out. Today we had 75 degrees. wow Love it. Probably wont last but sure is nice for a change. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and quiche.

Kim said...

Hi Andrea! Oh these colors look so great. I just love the intensity of Sennelier's products.

I have tried several times to make one of these with my paints, etc., but I blend things too much to make sense of it. But with the watercolors being used the way you use them, I can see how it would work great.

Actually, now that I think of it, I have one of these for the few acrylic inks I have! LOL

Thanks so much, Andrea, for sharing this working technique. I like working with the solids in watercolor, too.

Try to take some time for yourself this weekend!

human being said...

Wow... a box of colorful candies!
can I pick one?

Andrea .. i love your colors...

Cestandrea said...

Thanks friends, for your presence here:), the coming couple of weeks everything will be very dense for me, so I will not be as present here in Blogland as I'd like.
Just wanted to say that I'll try to post things and that I won't forget you and will visit your blogs, but perhaps leave less comments. In the meantime, have fun,

Jill Smith said...

Hello Miss Doodle, have you ever tried gouche paints as have bought some amnd thats for the tip of doing a shade chart,

Lynn said...

What a study in work this is...all the colors and indentifying informaition too. You are a true artist with such knowledge and abiltiy. Happy cooking too!

sukipoet said...

Hi Andrea. My quiche came out delicious, not overcooked as they sometimes turn out.

I love the little watercolor rectangles too. The best.

I hope your next two weeks leave some space for you to breathe and rest a bit too. Will be thinking of you being dense and firmly packed with events. Happy spring. Daffodils. Balloons. And a new spring bonnet.

sukipoet said...

I came back to drool over your new paints. ok 48 demi-godets. I looked them up on the Sennellier web site.
They have Boite "classique" with the 48 colors in a black and white metal pan.

In my Blick catalogue you can't get 48 half pans or pans except in Schmincke and they are 420$. Yikes. I am so drooling. These are lovely colors. have fun!

San said...

Your color splotches are luscious!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Sennelier also makes delicious oil pastels (they go on like yummy cake frosting!!) Sabrina De Blue just completed a lovely interpretation of Monet's Waterlilies using them. One of her favorite medium.
When she first bought one she said, Oh look momma, I wonder if Andrea has ever heard of these -- they are from France!!

francoisehavan said...

ah quelles couleurs !!!!!! et il y a le vert Miss doodle devrait s'en inspirer !!!!

A Kite Rises said...

I love your dedication and care that is so obvious with this work, very inspiring, thank you ; )

A Kite Rises said...

p.s. coincidentally - I made my first quiche yesterday! Spinach and mushroom - so delicious and so easy - we'll be having it again today with salad yay!

Paula said...

These colors are so beautiful.

I'm about to get started on a similar project.