Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Metroheads - The tired woman

These are people I travelled with on the Metro last week.

The blond guy playing with his mobile phone, not moving, giving me the time to draw him. Perhaps he has received a message from his sweet girlfriend saying that she has reserved a table at the "Tour d'Argent", famous Parisian restaurant?

The long-haired woman with the newspaper, perhaps she reads an article about what happened lately: A French court decided to abrogate the marriage of two young persons according to request of the groom, because the girl wasn't a virgin anymore and, supposedly, deliberately lied about it...

The pretty roundish blond woman, looking at the sign indicating all the metro stops, probably trying to figure out which Metro-line she has to take to get to the Champs-Elysées.

This really tired looking lady, her eyes half closed, where does she come from, has she finished her work for the day, or is there more work awaiting her at home? Ironing, shop for groceries, preparing the dinner ?

The young man with black framed glasses, he wears a ponytail, a fancy black sweater and a brown suede jacket. Is he thinking of one of Rilkes peoms?

Again and again

Again and again, however we know the landscape of love and the little churchyard there, with its sorrowing names,and the frighteningly silent abyss into which the othersfall:
again and again the two of us walk out togetherunder the ancient trees, lie down again and again among the flowers, face to face with the sky.

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Kim said...

Andrea these are really great...what a collection you are making of these Metroheads! I really love them.

I also love the little stories you make up about each one. The story about the French courts really makes me laugh! Hello...

Great drawings...I look forward to more of these.


Anonymous said...

ton oeil dans le métro est passionnant !
Dire que sur mon trajet, je m'empresse de me plonger dans ma lecture !!
Cela dit, quand je suis dans un pays étranger, je ne peux m'empêcher d'observer, d'être spectatrice et aussi de m'imaginer des mini histoire :))

human being said...

wow Andrea,
what a wonderful post... the illustration... the stories for them (with that humorous undertone)... and that fantastic poem by Rilke... very sublime...

now it's nearly the end of the day in Iran... i had a stressfull day and got home very tired a few hours ago...
your post really recharged my batteries
love to you my dear artist friend... a true and real Simorgh...

Cris in Oregon said...

Once again you do some wonderful Metrohead drawings &/or paintings.
Love the stories too. Such an imagination. YOu're a good story teller. Will be back to look at these more today.

Cestandrea said...

Kim hi, thanks, I love it when you people like my metroheads and stories, I think we can all identify with these people. When I have the occasion to draw in the metro cars, I mean when it's not too crowded, I feel so much better on my journey. I spend some time without words with a perfect stranger, getting to know and to like him a little:) It takes away the agressive feelings one can sometimes have if feeling sourrounded by strangers.

Cestandrea said...

Marigaz, merci de ton commentaire, oh que j'aimerai être sur la place en face pendant ton trajet, pour pouvoir faire un petit portrait de toi lisant, avec déjà tout le programme de la journée, de la soirée et des vacances aux USA en tête:)

Cestandrea said...

Human Being,I love it when you love my posts:) And when I chose the poem by Rilke, I thought of you:) and then I went and found this masterpiece on your blog, of sparrows, crows and the simorgh. Wonderful.
have a good relaxing and soothing evening

sukipoet said...

Ah, lovely portraits. I feel I am there with them. All so serious looking. I too love the stories you make up. and the Rilke quote, so lovely and though provoking.

I also read the post about your buying Cris' painting. How marvelous. How lucky you are to be able to gaze on the sweet sheep and the lovely sky and tree. You know I guessed it before you announced it as in passing you mentioned in a blog post something abt not being able to buy such and such as you just bought a painting. Ha! Love your floors in the apt too. Have a happy day. Suki

Alex said...

Welcome to ALex's Art List Andrea, I've listed both you sites as requested.
Cheers from Australia.
Kindest regards

Sandpiper said...

Wonderful! You captured their concentration so perfectly.

Social Network Web Design said...

Nice drawings and the stories are great. Keep it up.


tammy vitale said...

Like everyone else I love the watercolors and the stories - I think each enhances the other. And I just LOVE stories. I spend a lot of time wondering about the stories a house would tell, or a plot of land, or a rock in the water...and I make up stories for people just like you. These are just wonderful!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Very insightful characterizations. My favorite is of the young man pondering Rilke. Perhaps the Duino Elegies?? Ahhh, I know them well.