Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Metroheads - Young blond man (upset), and man reading a newspaper

MY DEAR BLOGREADERS/ I love to correspond with you, sometimes it will take a day or so because time is so measured, but I'll always try to answer or comment YOUR comments. So, if you like this kind of communication, don't hesitate to pop in from time to time into the older posts....
love you all (and your feet too, I wish I could draw them all:)

More faces from my daily trip on the Parisian Métro. There is no time for details here, cause these two leave after a few stops, I have to quickly catch the expression .

The young and very blond man - He has a handsome face, but he looks so upset. I'm not sure he is aware of this expression we all see on his face. He stares at an imaginary enemy? His father, or his spouse? Or his boss?

The man with his head bent over his newspaper - I already showed you his portrait but not my thoughts about him. I love the roundness of his skull, and the round forehead. He permits me to practise drawing a head from a different angle.
He carries a red bag with very long handles and looks up from time to time to check the station, I can see that he has a very friendly face, and a "ready-to-smile" mouth:)

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Peter J. Crowley said...

A daily trip on the Metro to creativity how wonderful. I used to walk more, no metro in Norwich but lately less walking more typing. I will change that. enjoy pjc

Paula said...

Young blond man looks totally absorbed in some problem. Poor guy. I'll bet he's quite attractive when he smiles.

Cestandrea said...

Peter:) walking is great yes, and also: I k now the problem: the computer is covered in a thick layer of nasty sticky glue, and once we stuck our head and hands in it, we can't let go! Hey, have a great walk

Cestandrea said...

Paula, I agree, but it didn't happen. I must say it is easier to draw people in this "state" than when they are laughing, cause when they laugh, it generally is when they are involved in a conversation, which makes them a challenge to sketch!:)

Wurzerl said...

Oh je, da wird das Wurzerl ja nie abkonterfeit, und ich habe mir schon überlegt, wie ich mich mal Montags in die Metro schmuggeln könnte, um auch mal von einer preisverdächtigen Künstlerin skizziert zu werden.
Aaaaaaaaaaber, ich lach ja dauernd!!!
No chance! Als ich noch täglich mit der S-Bahn nach München in die Bank fuhr, hatte ich einen Stammplatz. Zuletzt waren wir ein halber Waggon, immer die gleichen Leute, die gerne lachten. Die Dauermiesepeter, die dann auch oft hinter einer Zeitung versteckt waren, mieden das Lach-Abteil!!!
Der Zeitungsleser scheint gerade einen Artikel über sich selbst zu lesen (so wie Wurzerl über Wurzerl immer am Schmunzeln war). Welch ein Kontrast zum ersten Blondie, er scheint es nicht leicht zu haben, und ist wohl sehr sensibel, die Lippenstellung sieht nicht so aus, als ob er über einem: Tagesproblem grübelt. Ich studiere, ohne Skizzenblock, diese Woche die Leute in der Londoner U-Bahn!!! Nächste Woche kann ich bei Dir weiterstudieren, bis dahin, alles Liebe Wurzerl

Cestandrea said...

Wurzerl: So eine Wortfindung kannst auch nur Du: DAS LACHABTEIL:)
Au weia, da hätte ich lernen können, wie man Leute malt die lachen:)
Vielleicht krieg ich Dich ja doch irgendwann mal aufs Papier! In London bist Du , oder hab ich das falsch verstanden????

Cris in Oregon said...

A very pensive young man. Maybe he fought with his girlfriend. the other one is catching up on his reading. I feel like I ride along with you.

sukipoet said...

Oh Number two, definitely a challenge to draw at that angle. Angry young man, perhaps or just pensive. Or maybe he's trying to figure out what to cook for dinner and resenting he even has to cook. Andrea, the metro is kind of like the quick sketch school with ready-made models. Metro Atelier with CestAndrea.

Cestandrea said...

Cris, it's lovely to ride in the metro with you by my side:)

Cestandrea said...

Suki, great title for a workshop:) Could do that with kids! I bet they would love it! (don't know about the people sketched:)

Kim said...

Oh Andrea, these are more lovely Metroheads. The drawing of the young blond man makes me want to go over and comfort him...to soothe his sadness.

And you have really done incredibly well with the perspective of the round-skulled man! What a challenge, but you have done so well with it!

I am slow getting around to blogs these days, but slowly I will do so.

I have given you an award over at my blog, too.

Have a Beautiful Day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for visiting my blog, I'm going to Paris for the first time tomorrow! I love your drawings, I'll be back for more! :)