Friday, September 19, 2008

Metroheads - "Tired Man"

Good night,
sleep tight,
Don’t let the bedbugs bite.
And if they do
Then take your shoe
And knock ‘em ‘til
They’re black and blue!



Kim said...

Oh Andrea! This guy is really exhausted...I get the feeling! LOL I can't imagine sleeping so soundly (with his mouth slack showing how relaxed he is) on the Metro! Well, at least he gave you some time to draw him, right? And you did it so well...I can see a lot more details, I think, in this one which I am sure is a time thing. As always...great Metroheads!

And you have a delightful weekend, as well. I wish for you a sunny weekend with a hint of autumn in the air.


Cestandrea said...

Kim:) you are so right again! He gave me almost the whole journey to draw him, lots of time! And details love time:)

It is cold here in Paris, but sunny. This morning when I went out, at first I was reluctant to go out, but then I put on an additional layer of clothes and went and was rewarded with a beautiful sun coming up in one and the decreasing moon in the other corner of the crystal cheese-cover... Have a great weekend too, relaxing and creating,

Lynn said...

Look at oblivious to your drawing him. Do others look at what you are doing? I wonder if anyone minds? These are such priceless pieces you create on your commute to and from work. What a great use of time.

And you got the sun and the moon in one day! My dear DH gave me that on one of our early dates together. He never lets me forget it. ;-) He is quite the romantic at heart.

Lynn said...

Oh and the children's poem...I used to say that...the first half, but I have never heard the second half before. Thanks for teaching it to me. Grandkids are coming this weekend...I can share it with them!

Peter J. Crowley said...

He looks so weary sleeping standing up wow I couldn't do that. Nice work great detail. have a sparkling week end. enjoy pjc

Genie said...

Have a Great weekend Andrea,
Thanks for the rest of that Rhyme,
I will be in France next Friday, but only as far as Honfleur we did Paris last year, Hopefully we will get some good weather especially for the Ferry crossing.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love the drawing. Thats how I feel right now. Been a long three days and one more to go with helping with the Estate sale. I could fall asleep on a train and not care if I snored. LOL
I will be back to enjoy more when I am totally with it. :))

yvette said...

What a talent...if the weather in Paris is as good as it is here have a sunny weekend..luvjoe yvette

Martine said...

Yes, the poor guy is tired, me too, good night!!!!!!!