Friday, October 24, 2008

Cows - beauties

Today I give you this drawing of those beloved beings, I love cows. Had forgotten about this drawing I made last time I was in the fields in Germany. Found it today, when I took out the Moleskine oblong watercolour carnet to make a special "exhibition-carnet" of it so that I won't loose track of all the inspiring exhibition which I have the great chance to see here in Paris, and so that I can share them with YOU!

So, here are these cows. I was heading back to the house and just took a few minutes to draw them and talk to them. They moved a lot and wouldn't stand still, so curious about what I was doing. I love to touch their wet and sticky noses, I love the noise they make when they snuffle your hands, to feel their rough tongues on my hand, to look into these big big eyes. And touch the soft ears, they all had a ticket with a number in their ears.

click on the image to see details

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Genie said...

Beautiful Cows Andrea
Have a Great Weekend

soulbrush said...

cows now that's an interesting subject, did they charge for posing?

Clevelandgirlie said...

They are so irresistable. I want to kiss their fuzzy lips!

Cestandrea said...

Genie, thanks :)
Soulbrush, they charged a copy of the drawing:)
Cathie: yes I know you love to kiss fuzzy lips:):) (I don't know if I would/could, not sure:)

sukipoet said...

Wow to the new look to your blog. What a surprise.

Cows. They are sweet creatures for sure and your sketches show their wonderful eyes so beautifully. At the art show I went to recently of local artists there was a sweet painting of cows.

Cestandrea said...

Suki hi:) I put this picture in the banner this morning but I find it a bit too overwhelming, came out a bit too big for my taste, too much and probably will change it into something else:)
thanks for the comment on the cows!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh I love cows.. look at those sweet eyes. so soulful looking. :)
Yes wow your new banner is something. what is it? or where is it? I like that it now say ART BLOG-PARIS as you do so many artistic things here now.

Lynn said...

Love your new banner, WOW! Gay Parie! (If you feel it's too big you can change the size. I use 800 pix for mine)...

You really captured the sweet eyes of the cows.. simple lines tell much.


Andrea, I LOVE the new banner!
Likely the only way I'll get to see sights of Paris.
I too have quite a thing for cows,,,,their eyes look like big brown pools of love! I hate seeing them in a stock truck,,,,I always think,"Well, there goes a big mac". I want them to be able to just graze in the pasture all day ever day, being beautiful.

Martine said...

A new header? Some parisian shot i gues. Have to get used to it.
Prefer your friendly cows, ha,ha.
Have a friendly weekend Andrea!!!!!!

Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

I also love your new header...very cool!

Cows! Really great line drawings. I love the way you were showing them off like portraits.

Well, I wanted to say I grew up with cows, but that did not sound right. But I grew up on a farm where there were a lot of cows, so I really got to know them and the care they need. I really love the babies and the twins are so cute. My parents had one cow which just would not grow, and he became a pet who would just follow them around in the yard, etc. He was cute...about as big as a dog! :)

I really love these sweet faces...thank you.

linda sarah said...

This is such a beautiful and inspiring blog - filled with a wealth of word and picture treasures - I love it!

Thank you so much too for leaving such a lovely comment in my guestbook!

best wishes,


klaproos said...

ohh andrea, you stole my heart with these drawings, i like them very much,
cows are such lovely animals,
have you ever looked in the big brown eyes:-))
say no more i know you did:-))


corryna said...

I love cows! You made wonderful drawing. Très beau! Sehr schön :-)


Mary said...

great cow faces! love sketching animals and birds and filling pages with their faces, feet, wings, etc. Nice job! (as always!)

Wurzerl said...

Jetzt habe ich endlich eine vernünftige Erklärung, warum die Kondensmilch-Werbung immer von "glücklichen Kühen" spricht. Aber es ergibt sofort die neue Frage? Woher wissen die Werbeleute, dass Du die Kühe liebst???
Soll ich mich jetzt outen, von-einem-Fuss-auf-den-anderen-tret, ok, ich liebe Kühe auch, besonders die Schwarzbunten, jaha! Ich sollte Dich mal zu einem Almabtrieb einladen, das wäre für Dich sicher ein cooler Event!
Ich liebe Deine Zeichnungen, sie sind wieder so, wie ich sie mag, lebende Motive, lebendig dargestellt, gut gelungen! Küssen würde ich die Kuhschnauzerl zwar nicht, aber das Kussmaul ist unverkennbar vorhanden, wer hat da wieder das Lippenaufspritzen finanziert? Unser genialer Landwirtschaftsminister? Kein Wunder, dass die Banken pleite sind. Liebe Grüße vom müden Bla-Bla-Wurzerl

Peter J. Crowley said...

Mooo, neat enjoy pjc

Peter J. Crowley said...

Oh yes like the new header image on your blog. enjoy pjc

John said...

Nice drawings Andrea. There is an interesting illustration website in my notice called and they are really awesome. You can check them once.

Kate said...

These are wonderful....