Friday, December 5, 2008

Metroheads - Bits and Pieces of People

Métro Parisien, 4 décembre 2008

It's cold and rainy, people have their umbrellas, or hooded clothes. Protection. I sit and hang my head, sketching. My back probably doesn't like at all this position, I'm hunchbacked, a sort of Metro Hunchback (Métro-Quasimodo:).

But much more than a Hunchback I am a fisherman. Fishing for people's portrait.
Yesterday I came back with my net full!

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The man with the knit cap, surrounded by research words for a new painting. He has a wonderful skin, dark and smooth.

Two blonde kids, big eyed, nervous and not staying still for a second:), eyeing me suspiciously;)

The beautiful young girl with her long hair spread over the collar of her mercifully fake fur coat, holding her umbrella in one hand, no time to draw the hand cause someone "interferes" and stands between us!

So, I begin to draw a man with a beret, I just draw two lines when he jumps off and leaves. Ok, off to a woman further afar, she too leaves too soon. Another one with a big blue knit cap, showing me her profile.
The man with the kid right in front of me sits down after the two girls have left, a father with his son in his arms. The kid turns and tosses, a challenge to draw. I dont mind, I just like his little sweet round asiatic head and profile. I manage to draw the father's protecting arm when they too leave...

Then people seem to leave all at once at "Havre Comartin" Metro station and I have time to draw this lady reading, and her heavy glasses (I'm sure they leave deep marks on her nose once she takes them off).

OK, now it's enough, I'm happy, I made a good haul, thank you very much, dear travellers.

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amanda jolley said...

Have you ever had any interesting reactions when someone has realized what you are doing?

I love your blog. You inspire me.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

What a great haul. Nice sketching. I would be so frustrated at losing my subject so soon. You just go with the flow.

Anonymous said...

la pov' Miss Doodle nous manque. Heureusement que tu es là pour maintenir le cap.

Kim said...

Ohh Yes, you did have a good haul! Wow! I really love these and the last composition is fantastic...they are all fantastic, but I like the last one a lot.

So if you are the Metro-Quasimodo does that mean you are "Metromodo"? :)

Ahh, it is winter in Paris - cold and rainy! I think I would be having lots of tea and enjoying my winter clothes...scarves, boots, gloves, etc.

So what do you think was happening in the Havre Comartin area? It sounds as though it might be something exciting since so many people made an exit there.

Andrea, you know I just adore Metroheads - you really, really have something going here. Then again, you usually do have lots going.

have a Beautiful Weekend!

Dianne said...

Hi Andrea, I have so enjoyed visiting your blog! Your metroheads are amazing!

Cestandrea said...

Amanda,I thank you for your wonderful comment, I'm looking forward to more of your artwork too, I loved this Octopus very much!

To answer your question: most of the people do not realize what I'm doing, only those sitting right next to me. And if they notice it, they never say anything or show, that they know:)

Cestandrea said...

Cris, :) a great haul, yes, it really feels like that and I'm most happy when I come home (or to safetyjob:) and look into my sketchbook and have caught another one, LOL!

Cestandrea said...

Choule, je suis un peu débordé avec le blog de Miss Doodle en français, je l'avoue, mais heureusement qu'il y en a qui trouve le chemin jusqu'ici!:)
A bientôt

Cestandrea said...

Kim, Havre-Comartin is very the big luxurious department stores are situated, Galerie Lafayette, Printemps, etc, and people go there for shopping:)thanks so much for your comment, I had much fun drawing this composition, too!

Cestandrea said...

Dianne, hi:) Thanks so much for visiting! The Metro heads are my salvation when I cannot begin any big painting because lack of time:)

Martine said...

Great catch today fisherwoman.
I love it how you show us your way of working.

Cestandrea said...

Martine, I like that, fisherwoman:) and love to share these things with you

Anonymous said...

These drawings and the one of the two girls in particular are exceptional. Those girls have such expressive eyes.

Artist Unplugged said...

Wonderful sketching, interesting characters.

Cestandrea said...

Paula, thanks for visiting, and the girls moved so much that the only distinctive things I could spend time on drawing were their eyes

Cestandrea said...

Artist unplugged, thanks for your precious comment, very motivating!

Meg Wolff said...

I liked all the portraits that you "caught" today and the essence of each!

katie jane said...

You will have to learn to sketch much faster! But you do it so well. I love how you find everyone so interesting.

klaproos said...

beautiful andrea,
it's just great that you can make those sketches in short time, with people leaving, and moving, i presume you don't say to them please sit still i'm drawing a picyuter of you:-)
you are an great artist..
and i mean that :-)
just great i like what i see


flo said...

tes dessins du metro sont très forts, expressifs et sensibles, je les adore. N'oublie pas de passer une annonce si tu fais une expo à Paris (j'y vais de temps en temps)