Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Metroheads: Hooded Young Man and Young Woman's nose

Métro Parisien, 5 Décembre 2008

SNOW IS FALLING IN PARIS! Well it was, this morning. Now it's gone. There is only water left.

The young man in the hooded jacket, he is seeking protection, from cold or from other people's aura. Hooded youths here in Paris often are associated with agression. That's why I avoid looking into the eyes of this young men, but maybe he is just a calm kid needing warmth.

Anyway, better not irritate people.

But I want to draw him and now I pretend to look at the station schedule (every other second, very unsuspiciously) which is mounted above each metrocar door. I don't know if he buys it cause I can't see his eyes :)

He has a nice scarf with fringes and a trouser which looks a few sizes too big.
Perhaps he is a Jedi? Or the nephew of Darth Vader looking for revenge?

The young lady with the orange coat : not many details here, just got the general attitude and her nice little nose...


Kim said...

Andrea, I really like these cold weather Metroheads. You have really captured them both well and thought of the young man in the hood with some clarity. Here you kind of get the feeling of uncertainty with these young men who wear the hoods and large pants. I don't see them here too much, but in some other parts of the US they are often seen. Sometimes I think it is what they consider fashion and in other cases I think some of the "uniform" is a part of gang participation. (recently a young man was killed here because he wore his baseball cap in a particular way which was the symbol for a rival gang - he was just a kid wearing a baseball cap...no gang membership). So you do have to be careful. I think your intuition will lead you the right way, though.

The young woman appears just the opposite as a young professional or student interested in arriving where she is going and getting warm. She must have looked fabulous in the orange coat.

Stay warm Sweet Andrea!

artist \mike said...

Andrea really great drawings, when I saw the hooded man I went WOW very scary, I always feel safe with sheep.

Anonymous said...

I love these drawings! My son whose nearly 18 wears his hood up sometimes, so you could be right when you say he might have been keeping warm.:)

~Babs said...

The young man does give off a bit of a creepy feeling, and you've captured that really well.
Love the girl,,,you give just enough information about her face that we can fill in the blanks.
VERY nice drawings!

sukipoet said...

Well I had a very different "take" on the young man. The way you have drawn him he looks positively Shakespearean. He looks rather stocky and dramatic--one kind of man I often "fall" for so hope he doesnt carry all the attendant aggression you mention. Maybe it is just your interpretation that feels sexy to me, rather than the man in the flesh. Am I dysfunctional or what?

I love the picture of you looking at the schedule but really looking at him.

Snow here today too but also now it is gone except for on the roof and pond.

Artist Unplugged said...

OK, the hoody guy does appear creepy, you captured that! I love the lady, the colors are great! What fun, sketching strangers on the Metro!

katie jane said...

I like that, maybe he's a Jedi. I never thought of that. We must have lots of Jedi's here in Cincinnati.
The girl in the orange coat is very pretty. I can just tell.

Lynn said...

love the drawings per usual. So interesting how you do this...and get these peoples personalities so well. Like taking the ride with you.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Not much more to add to what everyone else has said. These are very good and that is a very interesting character study of hooded man. It is hard to tell anymore if they are nice or not and that is sad but it is wise to err on the side of safety I think.
I'm with Mike. Sheep are safer. :))

Dianne said...

Dear Andrea, I love these drawings, they are so expressive! I was wondering how you get away with drawing people without them getting annoyed with you - do you have a good memory, I mean, do you take a quick look and get quite a bit of information. Always when I have taken a life drawing class, we are encouraged to look at the model more than what we are doing on the paper. I would love to sketch people in e.g. a doctors waiting room but not sure how to do this without offending people.