Monday, December 29, 2008

Thoughts on Christmas

Thoughts on Christmas:

This drawing is Chaos. On the other hand, Chaos may be order and order chaos?

Go and always follow the star, you will find the stable. Warmth and love and caring.

The time before Christmas is always difficult, not only are the days short, we seem to run out of time too. This situation is sharpening throughout December and culminates in the two or three days around Dec.24th.... Then we already begin to think of something else, the new year is approaching...

I'm not yet finished with Christmas.

Neither is Miss Doodle!

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Kim said...

Andrea, it is true what is chaos? Is it really the same for everyone? This is very interesting to contemplate. I can say I love your chaos sketching/ much much life!

Not finished with Christmas? Well, I have lots going on here, still. I think it should be Christmas in spirit each day and with my blogger friends, that is true. There is a guy on FB who wrote he thought some 'artists hearts are as beautiful as their works'. I was thinking in my case many of them have hearts more beautiful than their works...and does this come from making that connection deep within ourselves which brings this beauty to the surface? I think my artist friends make it Christmas for me all the time. Thank you for reminding me how important it is not to be finished with Christmas.



yvette said...

Andrea, you give us again another thought to think over ...also Kim's words are food for thinking..andrea if i look at your sketching i many german words, i look in your profile????maybe alsace?
i'm a curious being so don't feel obliged to answer.hugs yvette

Lynn said...

I do not like the forced chaos of the holidays but if I do not over plan to do too much and sort of glide into it I find myself enjoying the special time with friends and family...and the gift making and such.
Going into stores now is almost enough to upset ones stomach with the glut of decorations still hanging every where and the stuff for SALE that is so USED looking and a mess really...
I prefer to stay in hiding until they clean up the mess! ;-) LOL

Artist Unplugged said...

The style and color is beautiful, full of energy and excitement. I do not read the language but still like it! Chaos here for sure...schedule is out the window-still! Very Happy New Year to you! I have enjoyed your lovely work since I have been visiting your site, looking forward to more in the new year!

sukipoet said...

"chaos may be order and order chaos." I like what you say here. It is out of chaos that the world was created (from a mythical pov). It is out of chaos that all creation arises. Which then becomes or evolves into a sort of order. To me, when rational people offer their ordered reasons, I mostly hear chaos.

Well, I find the season unnerving although I dont do much. It's in the air. Speaking of stores, I saw briefly on TV all these people running into the stores on the day after Christmas. What can possibly be so important to purchase?? I too hide in fact I rarely "shop" in normal stores.

For me, I find a kind of hush in the air too around Christmas and into New Years. I like to stay home and meditate and contemplate and organize.

Happy New Year, Suki

katie jane said...

Well, I am ready to put Christmas behind me and move on. A new year is always exciting and full of hope. Time for new beginings and new adventures. Bring it on, I'm ready.

Martine said...

You feel this is chaos?
Ha, Andrea, best way to put order to chaos is painting and drawing.

Dianne said...

Dear Andrea, I love this sketchbook page - I feel the chaos of all the people!
I find this time difficult since my loved ones are far away. During the year I forget how emotionally charged I become and each year at Christmas I am astounded with my reaction! I detest going into the shops over this period - oh dear, I do sound grumpy!
Somehow, I enjoy the feel of a new year, there are new beginnings and possibilities and I feel renewed!
Have a great New Year!
Love Dianne x

Mikes blog said...

It was nice to practice my Deutsch again, reading the writing on your picture of Chaos.

Cestandrea said...

Thank you for your insightful comments, it is so very interesting to read your thoughts about this, Chaos and Christmas and all....

Wurzerl said...

Liebe Andrea,
Deine Gedanken so "zwischen den Jahren" kann ich gut verstehen. Aber, es ist kein Wunder, wo wir ja am gleichen Tag angefangen haben, uns mit dem Welt-Chaos zu beschäftigen. Ich bin momentan im Computer-Chaos, versuche gerade, einen neuen Schleppi zu installieren, der Alte ist im Begriff den Geist aufzugeben. Irgendwann wird aus dem Chaos ein neues, bequemeres, besseres Arbeiten entstehen! Wir Widder sind ja keine Geduldengel (grins, nicht mal an Weihnachten), aber wir sitzen alles aus!
Ich gehe mit einer tollen Option in das Neue Jahr - einer Einladung, eine Fotoausstellung in einem Studio zu machen! Thema, Bilder und Zeitpunkt darf ich bestimmen, um die Präsentation wird sich ein Innenarchitekt kümmern. Da freue ich mich und überlege, ob ich nicht Dich, oder zumindest unser Projekt einbeziehen kann. Aber, bevor der Compi wieder zickt, schnell abschicken, nicht ohne Dir und Deiner Familie einen guten Rutsch in ein wunderbares, glückliches, gesundes und kreatives Neues Jahr zu wünschen. LG Wurzerl

klaproos said...

is it a chaos i have painted a few weeks ago:-)

i like these litlle doodlings:-))
so please go on:-)

take care with the old to the new year

Vincent Juanes said...

A beautiful chaos. Happy new year Andrea. best regards!