Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year - Fun and Minor issues


While Miss Doodle's Secretary is dealing with some minor issues, Miss Doodle visits the CLOTHARIUM.

(click to see the effects of MP on the secretary)

Copyright ©estandrea - All rights reserved

Ok, other than joyfully hopping back and forth between a tropical island and a floe every 30 minutes, (it snows in Paris ! and it's very cold) I have also been busy updating my Portfolio on and invite you all to visit and browse through the images....

I have still to write my artist statement for this site, and then there is a long list of other things to get done......illustrations and two big artworks for an upcoming show in a Museum in Germany in March, and also getting into a really positive creative mood:). I guess I'll just go and visit you all right now, that will be my creative punch today:)

Have a wonderful day!


Clevelandgirlie said...

I'm speechless (due to laughter!)

Martine said...

Yes Andrea, let it be peace on earth and in our hearts and lets make lots of art this year.

soulbrush said...

good you're back, and miss d too.and have a wonderful 2009 too. hugs.

aimee said...

can't wait to hear more about your show, and to see your new portfolio images. happy new year andrea :)

sukipoet said...

Cute drawings. I remember those days. I actually LIKED hot flashes as I am always too cold. Be well, the shows sounds exciting, suki

Artist Unplugged said...

A big Happy 2009 to you!!! Sounds like you have alot of exciting art to dig into, look forward to seeing more, always enjoy it!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Cute drawing. Yeaaa we are all back. Time to get some Art done. Once I get over the winter time blahs. :))Now to go check out this new thing you mention.

klaproos said...

I guess I'll just go and visit you all right now, that will be my creative punch today:)

and was it that:-))

i had to laugh about your drawings because i recognize that mood very well:-))

hope it stops for you real soon:-)


Dianne said...

Hi Andrea, I had a tour of your website, wow, it is amazing! You have been working very hard. You are so talented in so many ways, I like that you have incorporated it all on one site.
The hot flushes (?flashes) drawing really gave me such a laugh!
Love Dianne x x

Lynn said...

I did take a trip through your galleries and re visited many of my favorite pieces there...textile masks, poppies, fabric designs, etc. So much you have created Andrea, a rich abundance of art. You must feel very proud. I am proud of YOU!

yvette said...

this work is SO like I feel(mp) for this year, lets have fun and lets take care for each other

hug yvette

katie jane said...

LOVE your cartoon!!!! I have SO been there. Much better now, thanks to modern medicine! Now I want to check out this new place you are.

Kim said...

Oh Hon! I completely understand your craziness right now...we are sisters in the time! I am excited to hear all you have going on right now and eager to talk more about what is happening with you.

Your web site is looking so good!