Saturday, January 24, 2009

Red Fruit - Gouache on paper

"RED FRUIT" done a couple of years ago, about 30 x 40 cm (11,8 x 15,7 in)
Gouache on paper

Copyright ©estandrea - all rights reserved


Martine said...

Andrea i like your red fruit and i really love Miss Doodles new clothes! She's a very stylish girl.
I wish you a lovely weekend Andrea!

sukipoet said...

Interesting though I do not know what fruit this is. Hope you have fun this weekend. Borrow Miss D's new outfit and have a great time.

Mikes blog said...

I really like this painting! as it has great colours and an almost three dimensional feel.

Lynn said...

I don't know this fruit, it looks like a red pinecone. Lovely done.

I just clicked on the photo on the right and saw all your photos there.
Marvelous!!!! fun to visit Paris this way.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Lovely colors but I too don't reconize the fruit. Could it be a pomegranate?
Loving your Paris photos.

Cestandrea said...

Oh my, I don't know the name of this fruit neither, cause I forgot it. I bought the fruit on the market because I loved it's colour and it looked so exotic to me (is too:).
I'll show you another painting with the insides of the fruit, so perhaps someone knows what it is then?

Cestandrea said...

PS It's not a pomegrenade.

Cestandrea said...

PPS: The fruit looks as if it was floating somehow, because I did it's shadow in black. Normally should have used the complimentary color of the fruit to paint the shadow, that would have "ancored" the thing to the ground...

So, it's floating now, like a hovercraft.

yvette said...

It's beautifull, but nowaday's you put more air in your paintings.(do you know what i mean)

Kim said...

Hi Andrea, I really like this red is interesting how it has layers. I love the red/orange/yellow colors and you have worked the shadow play of these warm hues so well. Nice work!

Have a Wonderful Day!


Dianne said...

Beautiful colours, Andrea! I love the bits of green peeping through the red fruit. You have handled the background well. We had some strange Indian fruits when living in the Middle East, this looks just like one of these fruits.