Thursday, March 26, 2009

ODDS and relationship between Vermillion, Rouge Saturn, Vert Emeraude, Rouge Corail

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Yesterday I was at odds, with the world, but....what's the odd?

I somehow wanted yesterday to be a special day, although my husband, my stepdaughter and I had already celebrated my birthday on Friday last week, which was wonderful, with a flower bouquet and a special menu (made by my husband!), including champagne, smoked salmon on blinis, scallops in a creamy sauce on rice, a birthday chocolate cake to die for;) and lovely presents! I was so grateful to spend such a lovely evening and to be spoiled by my loved ones.

I really don't want to sound ungrateful...but..... yesterday was the REAL birthday, so I wanted it to be special (like: if you want something too much, it will/can not happen). The thing is, I wanted it to be special, but did nothing to give it a chance. I don't know, I should have taken a day off from safety-job and stay at home or go out and do something special in Paris and just appreciate to BE there.

INSTEAD, from morning to evening, odds and ends were getting in my way, making me feel irritated and itchy, (including Oscar the cat wanting and trying constantly to eat the flowers of the lovely bouquet) I spare you the other details!

So, the moral of the story is, I should not want this day to be too special, because then the odds will be against it...anyway, thanks for listening (wonder if this happens to other people too on their birthday?)

Have a great normal day

PS: More colour at Miss Doodle's Paris Fashionshow


Genie said...

Happy Belated Birthday wishes Andrea.
Yes know how you felt, Quite often.
when real life seems to get in the way.
Hope Spring arrives for you and Me soooon!!
Have a great weekend

Artist Unplugged said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you!!! I always think my birthday will be special just because it is a birthday...but sadly that's not always the case. You will know next time to just take the day off to enjoy. Sounds like you had an amazing dinner! I can never have flowers around because of the cat...such a shame!

yvette said...

This kind of things happens at x-mass, not my birthday..people around me always make my day special, but I never expect it.
your away special!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I think your like me, you like to celebrate something on THE DAY. It makes more sense. I get this way around our anniversary. I think it should be special. Especially since we didnt have a big wedding. and sometimes it is but if I try to hard it doesnt come out at all. So Yes I understand. If you want something to happen I think you have to go half way at least. But wow.. sounds like you had a nice time all for you with the family.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh and I meant to say if you THINK to hard on something and not let people know or act on your own accord it isnt going to happen most of the time.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Andrea. It sounds like your celebration could not have been better. As for THE DAY, I think you have to PLAN that out ahead of time. We can't expect others to read our minds...I am all for creating my own special days so I know I'll get what I want out of them. Right, it's not going to happen at the work make it happen where you want it to happen. Next year you can do this. ;-) In the meantime, enjoy your memories of that decadent chocolate cake and lovely dinner with DH and daughter.And Oscar just wants to be in the fun too. ;-)Again, happy happy birthday with manymore to come.

Lynn said...

PS The cute paint spots of the "rabbit" and "other" is very cute. Do the shapes just happen or are they on purpose?

Clevelandgirlie said...

Oooooooh - Happy Birthday to the prettiest redhead I know. Life is what you MAKE it. And sometimes - we just don't feel like making it special - we want someone else to do it for us. Sometimes that works out - sometimes it doesn't. And guess what - it those "not so special" times - that make the special ones - that much MORE so!
Happy Birthday Sweet Andrea.
Cathie & Sabrina de Bleu (and, of course - Gizmo!) xoxoxoxoxox

~Babs said...

More and more often now,,our special days cannot happen on THE day, since our daughter moved out of state.
I try to think of the situation as extending the special day,,,,getting more mileage out of it, even if only to myself.
Nope, we cannot rely on others for our happiness.
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ANDREA,,,,see, you're just extending the celebration!

soulbrush said...

oh my goodness i know exactly what you mean...i have given up on trying to make my actual birthday day special, if it happens i am pleased and relieved, if not, i expect it.

Wurzerl said...

Liebe Andrea,

hier kommen meine Glückwünsche, einen Tag später, denn gestern war wohl ein Knopf im Taschentuch, heute kann ich Dir Glück, Gesundheit und künstlerische Kreativität wünschen.
Und ich weiss, dass es ein tolles Jahr für uns wird!
Mail folgt!

klaproos said...

I rarely see it here in Paris, or its crowded by stone

ohhhhh my goodnes....
do i have to organize a rescue:-))

Jessie Lilac said...

Happy birthday Andrea! I hope it felt like a special day.x

sukipoet said...

Oh dear. Firstly happy birthday not on the real day though. Secondly, I have had b-days with nothing special happening and other b-days with friends giving me luscious presents and meals. Some birthdays I have made plans just with myself to do at least one small special thing. Each one is different. But maybe this year's willhelp you to plan somethings special for you next year. I have a friend who always gets a luxurious and expensive facial on her b-day, a gift to herself I think. Sorry you felt so scattered and grumpy.

sukipoet said...

ps another friend said to think of it as a birthday MONTH. That would mean you could take a day off soon and do some special things for and with yourself if you want.!! Or with others you invite. :) A month takes the pressure of expectations off one just one special day for everyone.

katie jane said...

I try my best to ignore my birthday, but my hubby always reminds me. (I'm older than he by nine months.) Usually, I'm working, so, like you, that part goes by quietly. Then we got out to the restaurant of my choice sometime that week. Same old, same old.

Martine said...

Too late but anyhow, happy birthday to you.
Next year you take this day of, buy a box of chocolate, tie up de cat and make art all day!
Lovely weekend to you Andrea.

Kim said...

Andrea, I have spent birthdays just like this! First, a birthday on Wednesday is happens to everyone, but when it comes on a Wednesday it is just down right crap to begin with. Sometimes, I feel as though I also want something special to happen and it doesn't (of course, I do nothing to encourage it, either).

I hope you can sandwich this strange wednesday birthday between two incredibly fabulous and exciting weekends! That is my hope and my wish for you, Sweet Andrea!

Now, look forward to a stunning and fabulous year!


aimee said...

oh i totally get this! there's such pressure to have fun on a certain day, whether it is a birthday or a holiday - expectations can be high. yet you can't control what will happen on that day, or what kind of mood you'll be in. it doesn't always work out the way you envision it.

perhaps you could take a day off from safety job sometime in the next few weeks to spend as you wish, going shopping, having a glass of wine and doodling at a cafe, wandering in the streets, or do whatever makes you happy...and call THAT your birthday.

hugs :)

marianne said...

happy belated Birtday Andrea.
Your story sound familiar to me. Not for my birthday (because I hardly ever celebrate....) but on other occasions.....
Maybe it is better to just let things happen and enjoy everything as it is, but that´s easier said than done.
Glad that friday was fabulous for you!

Micki said...

This happens to me all the time, but I've learned to just except whatever happens. Happy belated birthday.

Paula said...

Happy Birthday !

A few times I've sent myself a card just so I'd get the exact one I'd been wishing for.

Next time, take the day off, send yourself a card.......