Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pictures of FULDA - Germany or Miss Doodle's journey to Fulda

I have been called "elusive" lately, so here I am, with pictures from Fulda, Germany, where I went last weekend to visit friends and to participate in an exhibition in a Museum with a Miss Doodle painting.

Here some impressions of Fulda,

rich decorations in the baroque Residence and the former private rooms of the Prince-Abbots,

The Chapel of St. Mary's Benedictine Abbey

and visitors discussing Miss Doodle's Travel Journal (I would have loved to hear what they had to say:)
To see and appreciate the details in this painting, please go to Miss Doodle's Blog

Have a great week, see you at Miss Doodle's place and I'll be back soon with more pictures of this tranquil and beautiful place,


sukipoet said...

I much prefer the simplicity of the abbey to the glitz of the other place. Will head to Miss D to see the picture. congrats.

Lynn said...

How exciting to see your art on the wall! And being looked at with such interest. Yes, that is what it is all about! Congratulations dear Andrea. I am happy for you.

That is quite a fancy place too. I can see how it would inspire more journal pages. And you capture the essense of it so very well.

yvette said...

That looks good! off to miss doodle

~Babs said...

Andrea, thanks for giving us a peek into this beautiful place!
How I love all the architecture in your part of the world!
How fun, your getting to observe people viewing and commenting on your work.
I checked out Miss Doodle, and she's looking fabulous these days, as always. I especially loved her Bird Dresses!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Well I went backwards. went to Miss Doodle first. That is some fancy place. Loved how you framed the painting. How fun to see people so engrossed in your work and discussing it. oh to have microphones hidden on the Art work. :)
Did you win anything? or was this for winning prizes here. You said you didnt know if you wanted to enter it but arent you glad you did now?

aimee said...

stunning photos - and your doodlepainting looks fabulous in that museum!

katie jane said...

Wow, so elaborate! Truly spectacular place. I did visit Miss Doodle's and I highly recommend she give you a raise! The artwork is stupendous.
Hope you had a great time.

Kim said...

Wow Andrea! This is amazing...all that ornamentation is incredible. This town must be near seems to be influenced that way, I am thinking.

Miss Doodle looks so happy there. She is truly in her element when she can share with others!

Thanks so much for sharing here.

Oh, and as far as being seems to be going around.

Genie said...

Some lovely Photos Andrea.
looks like your having a great time and Miss Doodles is keeping you busy,

soulbrush said...

what a magnificent place, no wonder miss doodle was invited to attend.

Dianne said...

Dear Andrea, Miss Doodle looks as if she has had a wonderful time, going out in all those wonderful dresses!
Wow, the baroque style is quite amazing in these photo's.

Martine said...

Beautiful Fulda and lovely miss D.
Have a nice weekend Andrea.

Wurzerl said...

Oh, Du warst in Fulda!!!
Und Miss Doodle hat die konservative Stadt aufgemischt?! Excellent!!!

Lieber Sonntagsgruss vom Wurzerl

Mónica said...

This is great Andrea !, those places are beautiful and congratulations for exhibiting your art there !!! I guess it was a great experience, thanks for sharing, Monica