Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kim - NYC 3rd Day

This is about how my husband and I met with Kim in New York City on day 3. Kim and I have decided to not put pictures of each other on our blogs, as internet is not really a safe place...hope you understand.

"Hi Sweetie, I'm waiting in the lobby of your hotel, near the guest-phones and I'm wearing red sandals..."

We have been waiting for this call while resting a bit in our room after a beautiful morning and early afternoon (which I will talk about in another post). Now we are looking forward to meet my blogfriend Kim. We take the elevator down to the lobby and spot her immediately (husband does - I never wear my glasses:). She's standing near the old fashioned telephones with which you can call the guests' rooms.

She's wearing a skirt and red sandals and greets us with a big smile. I immediately like her, I mean I already liked her virtually but this is the real thing! Kim has dark hair and beautiful eyes of a very intriguing shade of green....

We are laughing and so happy to have this opportunity to meet, in such a wonderful city and we decide to go out for a walk down 7th avenue. We land in a pub on 40th stree called "Jack's Bar and Restaurant" which is not crowded at all. We have drinks, talk about our trip and this and that, there seems to be an endless choice of things we could talk about. (My husband amazes me cause he always says that he doesn't speak English but in fact he does quite nicely). We could go on talking like that for hours but Kim has to go back to her hotel to welcome her daughter, who will arrive shortly at their hotel. Tomorrow the three of us (husband has other plans) will attend the launch party at the literary agency on 7th avenue tomorrow, which begins around 5p.m. We decide to get in touch by phone the next day at 3pm so that we can fix a meeting point.

We leave the cozy bar, walk for a while together on 6th avenue, and then say goodbye to Kim.

My husband wants to see the place where the literary agency is located so we go back onto 7th avenue, but can't find it cause I can't remember the right number...instead we discover Macy's, (I like this gigantic billboard) where I buy a pair of jeans, husband helpfully carrying my jacket and handbag while I try them on...very brave...We don't stay long (I'll have more opportunities to discover New York Fashion during the next days) cause we are hungry and tired and decide to have dinner in the Edison Café at our hotel.

So we return to Broadway, it's getting dark now. Again, I cannot resist Times Square's photogenic charms... you can click on the pictures to see them big, I think it's worth the click.
Let's call this a post and see you in the next one....


Kim said...

Oh Andrea, you make me sound so beautiful! Thank you. I keep going over and over this lovely day we met. I think about how it seemed as though we were friends for a long, long time and were just catching up again. I may have given away a few things on my post of this I posted the entire day! Oops!

I think everyone is going to love hearing about these next days...let's give them a bit of time to catch up with this one, though!

Hugs to you, my friend!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Sounds like you had an instant like for each other. Isnt it amazing to finally meet someone you blog with and feel like you have known them forever. Sounds like you had a wonderful time too.

Aussie Jo said...

Great pictures and stories about New York.
I've emailed the link to my daughter who is off to America in less than two weeks and wants to visit NY.
Love your paintings too, I've subscribed so I can see your paintings more often
P.S. I got your blog from Sharon B (Pintangle)

Patricia said...

Andrea, I just love the 4th image! I am so glad that you made it to NYC.I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

Artist Unplugged said...

Sounds like a lovely day when good friends get together! Enjoyed all the photos!

Genie said...

Hi Andrea,
sure sounds as though you had a great time in NY, and a chance to meet ablogfriend.
Love the photos.

sukipoet said...

Hi andrea. thanks for the mini tour of your day of meeting Kim. I have to chuckle at your buying a pair of jeans. sounds like you had a great time.

Lynn said...

I love seeing NY through your eyes. Glad to finally see the tall buildings looking UP. Never thought I'd think it funny to see those old phones! Now they take me back to my childhood, well and young adulthood too. ;~)

Martine said...

So good to read you had a nice time. On the lookout for your next story.

~Babs said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful place, beautiful meeting of friends. Doesn't get much better!

Lynette said...

Andrea, wow what great photos and I could really feel the excitement and fun of your meeting with Kim in NYC!!

San said...

I loved reading Kim's post about your meeting. And now my delight has been heightened by reading about it through your eyes.

As I told Kim already, I am so jealous of both of you. You got to meet Kim! She got to meet you!

jessica said...

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Ribbon said...

Great photos :-)

best wishes