Wednesday, July 15, 2009

With a little help from our friends....Picasso and Manet

This post could have the title: With a little help from our friends we can have a great day.
Or: How to have fun using paper and basic school-gouache box, diving into the color
....and into the Master paintings:)

Around 1960 Picasso painted numerous oil-paintings after the famous Edouard-Manet-Painting "le déjeuner sur l'herbe".

Edouard Manet's painting: (very intriguing indeed, I mean, you just want to undress the Gentlemen, don't you?)

Now one of Picasso's paintings. I love the composition and the colors. He did many more, which I'll take as inspiration from time to time, but this one here called out to me with the mauve-purple and greens, blues and light-weight ocres.

And this is my gouache color study, painted in my A3 Moleskin Notebook. It's a great way to connect with color, water, and composition while trying to simplify objects into just shapes...try it with your favourite painter... and have a wonderful Wednesday!

click on the picture to see details
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Clevelandgirlie said...

What a wonderful exercise in color and shapes. I must try this. And I have to agree with you about the gentlemen! (YOU are a naughty redhead)

Lynn said...

Fun exercise! Now that I have all my new paints I should give this a try! I can see doing my backyard garden this way too!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

LOL.. yep a naughty Redhead for sure.. Grin
Looks like a fun thing to try.

soulbrush said...

this is marvellous. love it.

klaproos said...

i like your study andrea,

if you'd like to come, hop on th e bus, end i'll show yoy the garden where i walk:-)
bring your sketchbook with you please:-)


yvette said... are so good!

Mim said...

Hey - I like yours the best!

yvette said...

the last........(my favorite)

Martine said...

Long time no see dear Andrea................. hope all is wel?