Friday, September 11, 2009


©estandrea 2009

Today, Friday, 9/11, who does not cringe when writing or saying or hearing this date?

Things this morning may have been a bit blurred, but I always try to keep the connection to above and beneath:)

Let's be nice to each other. I love you:) yes YOU!!!!!


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Kim said...

I Love You, Too, Andrea!

You are right, we do cringe when we consider this date. We remember just where we were and what we were doing. Now, we remember those who died and those who have had their lives forever changed because of these hideous acts.

Thank You, Dear Andrea, For Remembering Here!

sukipoet said...

love you too Andrea. It is a sad date for sure. Thanks.

Modern Maendy said...

Love you too!!! This image is beautiful! I love that we can see them much detail. And i love the eyes.

Remembering 9/11...

Lynn said...

Still blurry eyed here in California this morning.
i think my dh woke me to come see what he was seeing on TV
it was unreal
but so real
so beyond awful
i read a book by a 9/11 widow of a NY firefighter that had me crying throughout
saw the movies
read all the newspaper accounts
talked to so many people and heard their reactions
continue to watch the news about the wars in the middle east associated/because of
counseled one young man who fought in one of those wars yesterday
so many losses of life
the lists of our soldiers mostly young men and women
gone long before they had a chance at life
much sadness remembered today

You are loved by many Andrea
My love to you here

be gentle with yourself today

Peter J. Crowley said...

Blurred Morning, blurred reality. Love the drawing and the thoughts. I saw a friend just back from Iraq last evening. We are going to Vermont Monday to drop work of mine at The In-Sight Photography Project, and to experience peace and the colors of a changing season. I dream of a day when the politics of violence could change as fast as the seasons. Love to all enjoy pjc

Artist Unplugged said...

It is a very sad date indeed, it's also my brother's birthday. One of the pitiful stories on that horrible day was a wife taking a flight back to Washington to arrive back in time for her husband's birthday that day.

Artist Unplugged said...

AND - you are loved right back!!!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

We all love you Andrea. Yes it is a time for remembering today. Life as we knew it changed eight years ago. Lovely drawing. Did you visit the twin towers memorial spot when you went to NYC to visit?

Martine said...

And i send my love to you, yes YOU !
And Venus sends love to Oskar.
Einmal im jahr dürfen wir das, nicht war?

Mim said...

Love to you also

Anonymous said...

Die Zeichnung gefällt mir extrem gut! Wie vieles von dir....

Danke für deine Post, liebe Andrea. Ich habe mich so gefreut darüber. Seit drei Wochen habe ich eine neue Klasse. Alles tolle, ebendige Kids. Meine Liebe zum Job ist ungebrochen.

Fände es schön, dich wieder zu sehen. Leider ist mein nächster Paris-Aufenthalt wieder sehr voll. Vielleicht schaffe ich es trotzdem...:))) Lot's of love, je t'embrasse Tini

~Babs said...

And right back at you, Andrea!

And who could ever forget the enormity of that day?
The huge difference it made to the entire world.
Our innocence gone to the reality of evil that exists; and no longer just on foreign soil.
We'll never forget, but we can learn from it.
And yes, still be able to love.