Saturday, October 10, 2009

Le Musée Jacquemart-André: Who was Nélie Jacquemart André?

©estandrea 2009 - click to enlarge
Watercolor on Arche Paper, 26x36cm - 140 lb / 10 x 14 in

In my previous post I told you about my discovery of a painting of Anton Van Dyck in the Musée Jacquemart André here in Paris; Today I'd like to talk a little more about this beautiful place and the people who lived in it and later made a museum of it.

Nélie Jacquemart André was a painter, and one of the first women of her time studying at the prestigious "Ecole des Beaux Arts" in Paris. She became a "high society" portraitist.

She met her future husband, Edouard André, a very very rich banker, because he comissioned his portrait from her. At first, they met in the presence of a "chaperon". When she married him, she was 40 years old, he 8 years older than her. So being a woman at that time meant that even at 40, you needed a chaperon to stay alone with a man in a room!

As she was a painter, she was allowed to use her maiden name as well as her husband's.

They both were passionate about art, travelled a lot and together they decided to create a museum in their beautiful home on 158 Boulevard Haussmann. After her husband died in 1894, Nélie travelled to the Middle East and later to Japan and India. When she died in 1912, their entire estate was donated to the "Institut de France" and the museum opened in 1913.

This is a view of one of the elegant interior staircases. I quickly drew this sketch on barkpaper with inkpen and Gouache and a bit of oilpastels. The sketch gives you a good impression of the
"ambiance" of this place, it is awsome!

Also, I wanted to talk about some changes that I am working on, I am planning a new blog and a new website, both things that take time to set up. During this time I'll switch to my new subjects here on CESTANDREA.


Places I imagine you'd like to see and hear about, a bit of fashion too perhaps, stories about places and people here in the city of lights. METROHEADS too, of course. MISS DOODLE TOO, of course:)

Parisian Places full of inspiration, which will make it easy for me to communicate my passion for this city for you. The style of the paintings will be mainly like those presented in this post. Little sceneries of "real" places, spiced with what my imagination comes up with.

I would love to know what you think about this new project, perhaps you can let me know when you have a moment?
have a wonderful weekend


Martine said...

IT'S ALL ABOUT IMAGINING, ja, da hast du recht liebe Andrea. Damit fängt alles an.
Ich freue mich schon auf deine neuigkeiten. Oh ja und die treppe die du da gemalt hast ist grandioos. So schnell und lässig hingesetzt, macht lust hinauf oder hinab zu rennen oder zu gleiten!
Bin echt sehr gespannt auf deine neuen ideen.
Ein wunderschönes wochenende wünsche ich dir.
Alles liebe

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh Andrea, I ADORE these sketches and your new plans sound wonderful to me. I look forward to them with gleeful anticipation. Thats how I feel. I'd love to see Paris thru your eyes. and if these sketches are anything to go by I love it already. and I loved reading about these Artists and their passion.

Patricia said...

I think that you have come up with a brilliant scheme. These illustrations are quite charming, and a new view of Paris is always desirable. I am sure that we will all treasure these posts.

yvette said...

a busy...but wanted to say hello!


sukipoet said...

the staircase painting is incredible. So fascinating to learn about this museum, which I'd never heard of, and the woman and her husband who created a world of art. Your ideas for your new blog and website sound wonderful. Of course, we all want to know about Paris and you have a way of finding hidden places that we would never know about from guidebooks. Andrea, thanks for the b-day ecard but somehow I deleted it before I got to see it. IT came in as spam and i clicked "not spam" or so I thought but must instead have deleted it. Sob. But thanks for the thought.

aimee said...

thank you for the lesson about this intriguing painter! i love your watercolors of paris :)

Mirjana Cesar said...

Hi Andrea,
thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. I really like your sketches, and your idea about bringing more images of Paris and writing about it is just wonderful. Living in Orlando for last 17 years I still miss European city living. You just can't have it all.
All the best,

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Oh yes, it all sounds very interesting Andrea and I'll certainly be keeping up with what you're doing.

Love your watercolour sketch of the staircase - the soft complementary colours and curlicues are really pleasing. BFN. Lesley

Kim said...

Oh Andrea! I love this painting so much and I adore the new header! This is very elegant, but again, that is so Paris, isn't it? Elegance and Beauty, it is no wonder you fit in there so well!

I think your time here at Cestandrea has provided you with amazing insights and some wonderful friends who are oh, so willing to go with you to this next exciting plane of your artistic life. You do have so much to share, from so many insightful viewpoints, about living in Paris which we all crave so very much!

Now you have me so excited to see what you are creating for everyone! It takes a great deal of time and a lot of focus to do this, but I know you will reveal it to us when the time is right! I am so excited!!!!

Peter J. Crowley said...
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Peter J. Crowley said...

I like it little sections, little sketches that allow you to visit Paris through Andrea's eyes and blend in your own imagination.
enjoy pjc

Lynn said...

My first impression was that these new drawings/paintings were for a book! A book in the art book about Paris. A good idea!
They are of course wonderful. Your style is unique and grand.
All that you do shines and will be enjoyed by many.