Monday, November 2, 2009

Travel between there and here

©estandrea 2009

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I'm in Germany, it's a quiet November day, a little misty. The trees are half-bold, and yesterday evening I heard the cries of cranes flying over the house on their way South. For now, I seem to regularly travel between Paris, the big sparkling nervous and bright city, and this quiet country here.

Is it the fall? I don't know but right now I am not feeling drawn to color. I do not want to put color on paper, canvas, textile. I wonder, if you have the same experience sometimes, not wanting to play with color, just graphs, ink, pencil, black and white and their nuances.

Also, I find that I need to work with the word, too. Graphs /marks may be abstract, but there is always a word or even a sentence, dropping out of my mind and onto my drawing while drawing it or at the end of the process. The word can be abstract too, though.

We, you, I, need to say something, isn't that why we paint, draw, sculpt? I really like to think of these drawings as illustrations.

Have a great week,
Andrea, sends you love from a quiet place


Clevelandgirlie said...

Black, white and shades of grey - they are quite colorful in their own special way.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Hey when did you get to Germany and how long you there for? Did you all go? DH & Oscar too?
I dont think I go thru that not wanting color. I LOVE color to much. But on a winters day when there is snow I love seeing that. but then it is a blue color.
Enjoy your quiet time there.
This is an interesting graphic you did. almost like you flying to Germany for the quiet. :)

Patricia said...

There are so many ways to communicate visually. Color adds so much emotion to the mixture because of its energy. Black and white can draw you in to introspection.

Enjoy the country air...and the city vibe, it seems that you have the best of both worlds!

Lynn said...

I'll have to think about what you wrote here. Not sure I've got there yet. Just still bursting in color in my beginning art making process.

Hope you are enjoying the time with family. Did you go for an art exhibition again?

Jessie said...

These are beautiful marks that you're making and I can see (yes even me, the self confessed colour junkie!)I can see the beauty of the black line on the white. This drawing has a sense of calm and peace, I hope that's how you're feeling. :)x

Martine said...

You yourself are like a crow Andrea feeling the need to fly south now and then. I would like too. Du hast die herbstzeit gut beschrieben, alles wird ruhiger und so blass. Die farben verschwinden in der natur und irgenwie brauchen wir die jetzt auch nicht. Waerme ja aber keine farben. Ich find es witzig das du von worte und farben sprichst gerade wo ich ein neues entry mache was davon handelt. Schau mal rein wenn du willst. O ja, sei glücklich in Deutschland.

sukipoet said...

oh so glad you have gotten relief from the busy crowded city. Your sketch has a lot of energy and so interesting you do not want color right now. Hmm, have a wonderful time in the country.