Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Portrait of a dear friend

©estandrea 2009

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This drawing is called "Portrait of a dear friend". I sat down on a comfortable chair in the morning, everything still quiet, and set my mind on drawing lines thinking of my dear friend.

I looked at the drawing but with an introspective look, cause I didn't want my brain to interfere through my eyes, no judgement while drawing.

When finished, I sat and wondered. It's an interesting experience to draw while thinking of something and keeping your drawing just lines, marks and graphs. Still no color, I just mixed a sort of purple black with watercolor and tinted the drawing with this.

Try it, it's so interesting to watch how feelings mingle with ideas and you let that translate into lines...

Have a wonderful day, we are celebrating my dad's 81st birthday here today, yummy cakes and "Torten" (layered cakes with fruits and cream and almonds etc):)


nevin said...

Wonderful drawing..And happy Birthday to your dad..

Patricia said...

Your drawing works well with the wash. I love how you manage to find ways to work from within.

How fortunate you and your father are for you to be together on this special day!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I appreciate your comments.

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Wonderful drawing! I always love it when I am at that point were I am painting and thinking about other things, yet the painting is happening. I need to draw more and think I will try this. I understand that French/Hispanic temperment!! good to hear from you again!!

Lynn Cohen said...

Happy Birthday Dad and please pass the Torton. It sounds delicious.

The drawing is very very interesting...I must try this...Is your friend a man? I see male and female aspects here. I see so much.
Well done.

sukipoet said...

as always your drawings are thought-provoking. So interesting what you say here and how the drawing came about. Happy Birthday to your dear Dad!!! Wow. 81 is a lot of years under the belt.

klaproos said...

dear andrea,i guess your friend is very happy with this portrait

looking good:-)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Facinating drawing. Its good to stretch the brain to create what it doesnt think is logical. Hope your day was wonderful.
I have a great working computer again. Its like brand new. It was in major trouble tho.. could have crashed any minute. Now that would have been really bad. would have missed lots of blogging. :O

Dianne said...

What a lovely and thoughtful drawing of your friend. I love how you have translated your feelings about this person into expressive lines.

Miranda said...

I love what you can do with a simple line, your drawings are so expressive. It's almost like going on a journey as you follow the pen line around the page!

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Unknown said...

Great drawing. I love how you used the light colors especially the purple in your artwork. It adds a great effect to the piece on how you washed the colors through the piece and not worrying about the lines. Great job keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

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