Friday, October 5, 2007


This is a page of recent studies in my Moleskine. I already talked about the Tunnelspirit-mask a while ago, when stucked in a Metro-compartment underground. Just to his right is a pondering energy spirit-mask who looks a bit like an amphora.

On the left I draw outlines of shapes I like, and underneath there are three guys I called Apfelkrotzengeister (try to say that:). Apfelkrotzen is a german word for what is left over from an apple once you ate it, unless you are one of those who like to eat the inner piece too with kernels and everything.

Finally, the shape on the lower right side expresses my need to do some non-figurative work. I guess I can't work on masks all the time, it's so intense and I'm looking for an escape sometimes.

This morning has been very busy, I went to the "Salon de la Photographie" where my parttimejob boss has a stand (he edits a beautiful Photographic Magazin and a beautiful exhibition.

So I had no time to draw a thing for THE BIG DRAW but on my way to work in the métro, did the drawing you see on the right side. I do not know were that came from. The title is "be wilder" which is related to the thought that I'm too anxious with the things I'm working on right now.... I feel like throwing paint onto the wall and stabbing canvas with a brush and instead I have to behave....arrrrg. Do you know that?

Anyway, that is the dangerous mood I'm in right now. But on my way this morning (I took the bus!!!! not the metro) I discovered something really cute and beautiful, I took photos for you and will post them as soon as I can.
See you then.


Cris in OR said...

Fantastic drawing. Now If I could draw like that I'd be a happy camper. And nice work on the Masks...and Yes I DO know the feeling of wanting to throw paint against the wall and stab the canvas. But then I would just have to clean up the mess. ;-)
Thank you for your nice comments on my blog today. I agree with you about the teacher's comment being a negative thought. Positive thoughts from now on!!

Sue B said...

Andrea your drawings are wonderful! I envy your ability to draw so beautifully, it is not one of my talents.

Elizabeth said...

I love seeing your Moleskine work, the drawing is great and I really like the colours you use... what did you do those with? Watercolours maybe?

I do know that feeling, about anger against the canvas... I have occasionally been known to take a knife to a VERY disobedient, or hopeless, canvas. Not to be recommended lightly ;-)

sukipoet said...

Andrea. Thanks for the new word! Never will be able to pronounce it but great meaning. Your journal page is beautiful. I love the way you watercolor over the pictures. The penbrush drawing is lovely. Reminds me of some Beethoven! He was pretty wild. I have never heard of a pen brush but seeing the results makes me think of getting out my sumi-e brushes and ink.

Do you think maybe the pressure of having to make things for a show is creating some consternation. How soon is the show? Sometimes it is certainly good to take a rest from work and set free.

New hampshire's liscence plate for years said "Live Free or Die." I think it came from the revolutionary war times.

At one time in my life I stabbed a few my canvases to pieces. I was angry at my life I think, not at the paintings. I don't recommend that though. I regret losing some of the paintings.Now at age 62 I am more mature, ha ha.

ANDREA said...

OH, Suki and Elizabeth, stabbing canvases you have in common...;) You did what I dreamed of doing...I'm jealous because I am too well-behaving.

Thanks you all for your comments which are a real motivation.

My father is a fantastic drawer, he draw portraits and landscapes and oil-painted too. He doesn't draw a lot anymore now because he has unfortunately lost the use of one eye or almost. Now he spends all his time in his wonderful garden.

He taught me a lot about light and shadow, and, more important, encouraged me every time he saw me with pencil or paint... and he always loved what I draw even if I didn't:)...

Elizabeth, I colour the Moleskine drawings with a box of opaque watercolours (Gouaches) for school-use which i bought in Germany this summer. I have expensive transparent watercolours too, but right now I love this PELIKAN-schoolbox!

Suki, thanks for the "live free or die" I needed that like Elizabeth's BLUE. Yes, the preparation for the show is creating consternation. (I love this expression, it is exactly what I feel:) It is supposed to be in spring next year but I still ignore the exact date...

sukipoet said...

PS I like your quote. Good to keep in mind.