Thursday, October 4, 2007

One Drawing a Day - Selfportrait, only lines without details

That is me, sort of.

I must tell you that I do not have a moustache. I draw the lines with an ink pen and no corrections with ink pens...)
Now I'm heading off to the fabric, the fibres and the threads, see you there,


sukipoet said...

Great self-portrait Andrea. It almost looks like you didn't lift the pen from the page. With this sharing of drawings it is hard not to "copy" subject matter. IE: makes me want to do a self portrait myself. thanks for all your feedback on my drawings. The blindfold, alternate hand drawings were fun.

Cris in OR said...

Nice drawing. I did a self portrait some years ago in a class for Drawing on the right side of the Brain. Yikes. Thats all I can say. ;-)I must look it up and review it again. I kept all my home work.

Elizabeth said...

I like this very much, with just the expressive lines and no room for an eraser! There is something about pen drawings that I find so very, very pleasing.

I also love your teddy bears in the kitchen, and that they look so happy. You must feed them well ;-)

Happy stitching - I hope your fabric projetcs are behaving themselves today and not causing you so much grief.

Patti said...

I love self-portraits. I believe we can really capture the true essence of our self in them. you have done well here and I am pleased you don't really have a moustache!