Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Need a Break? PARIS OLD AND NEW!

Well, I definitely need one. Kind of stucked in the middle of a creative process. This morning I draw the Teddybears on my kitchen-shelf (you can see them in the right bar) and that is it.

And now???

I think I will take you on another tour through Paris so that we can all get some air into our heads.
Wednesday is a good day for a break!

I'd like to take you to a place right by "Les Halles" and the "Centre Pompidou" or Beaubourg, housing modern art.
There it is, the Stravinsky water pond with mobiles created by

If the sky over your city is grey,
you need some colours: GIANT ROOSTERS


I like the contrast and hope you'll enjoy it too! I wish you a nice day....


Mary Richmond said...

What fun! I loved the Pompidou when I was in Paris. Such a contrast to the more sedate and reserved museums there. Thanks for the little tour!

Cris in OR said...

Really like your teddy bear drawing. Made me smile. ;-)
Love the blue hat pix in the tour.
Thanks for the nice comments on my drawing and sunroom. Its a fun room.. But PARIS...Ahh..oh and my maternal Grandmother came to the States from Germany in the early 1900's.

sukipoet said...

Wow only in Paris (or maybe NYCITY) would there be a Stravinsky pool (I love Stravinsky) with Niki de Saint-Phalle artworks which I also love. So colorful and humerous. Thanks for all the tours of Paris you have given us. I have a Paris map on my wall in the new "studio."

Cris in OR said...

Check out Carol at Paris breakfasts.. She's in Paris now. but you probably already know.
Andrea.. got your message. My grandmother came from Oberhauser. I think that is how you spell it. Her sisters came first and sent for her later. Her Brother Fritz stayed there. That was about 1923. My Dads parents came from Italy and met in NY. Everyone migrated to California. I'm afraid they mostly died before I was born or before I was 18.:(

Elizabeth said...

Hi andrea, thank for all your lovely, LOVELY comments and mail... sorry I have been so slow to reply, losing my email has made me feel all out of sorts and behind.

The skies have been grey here until today, finally sunshine! Still a bit poorly but your Paris Break has provided me with no end of cheer :-)

i am sorry you are stuck with the spirit faces... I am sure going back to them after a break will provide the inspiration you need.

Happy days to you! E
P.S. I totally adore your kitchen bears ... so huggable!

Elizabeth said...

P.S. - "Metroing with a Moleskine" , very cool. I have a moleskine for watercolours but have not tried it yet... it is so perfect and pristine I can't bring myself to make a mark on those lovely pages! Will do very soon.

Happy drawing, E

Patti said...

I did enjoy the contrasts Andrea, great pictures. Your teddy bears are gorgeous!