Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oscar and FRESH Broccoli Part Two

This is for you, who saw broccoli in Oscar's back;)

Truth is, yesterday evening I couldn't manage to post the broccoli drawing, but didn't change the title of my post "Oscar and FRESH Broccoli" (in opposition to the faded fannel), don't know why, I guess I just liked it.

So you must all have tried to see broccoli where there wasn't....!!

I'm sitting here, laughing loud, I'm sorry that I led you the wrong way but this is sooooooooo funny.....;)

Now. Here is the broccoli in the sauce pan, Wednesday's drawing going off the page:

And here are the Oscar sketches, I knew he felt awkward cause he had that embarrassed look on his face...He walked around, looked at me mistrustful and wouldn't sit still a minute.

Here I only had time for half his whiskers....

The last photo is him doing "his little business" (city-cat who has it's own toilet), - looking annoyed. Nevertheless he authorized me to publish the drawing under the motto: free the city-cats!


Mary Richmond said...

love these cat drawings--so simple and expressive!

sukipoet said...

These cats are marvelous. You have a way with faces, hands and animals. Also like the broccoli which alone w/the other food drawings could be cookbook illustrations, methinks. Been having great trouble posting comments. Why there's a lack in past couple days.

Cris in OR said...

LOL.. I could have sworn you drew something in that cat yesterday. you tease. But have to admit this broccoli looks much more like and your line drawings on the cat are awesome.
Thanks for your help on my blog. I will try it out when I wake up more. I may be early but doesnt mean I am awake. ;-) I will post my newest drawing this morning too.
Check out Lynns drawing of her cat. I love it. and she said she cant draw.

Lynn said...

Your cat lines are so simple yet so expressive! And the broccoli well, good enough to eat! I love being included in this circle of artists.
It feels so welcoming and good.

I just went to fibreandstitch and copied out four free articles there. I have never subscribed to an online zene but I might this. Looks like fun.

fiona d said...

I love these drawings, especially the cat - there's so much life there - you really capture the essence in a few lines

Cris in OR said...

Andrea, Thanks so much for you help on the message thing. I now can get notice sent to me when someone comments. YES!
Thanks for your nice comment on my stuff Annie too. ;-)

Cris in OR said...

oops.. that was STUFFED annie.

Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Lara Berch. I have just launched a new website with step by step art tutorials. I was wondering if it's possible to exchange links with you.
Thank you very much for your time.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, it is very funny :-)
I like the broccoli and the 4th drawing best,of the cat's head thought they are all lovely.

Thank you for saying hello and keeping in touch while I was absent - I REALLY appreciated it! You are so kind.

great work here Andrea.

Still chuckling about the broccoli - I just couldn't see it at all, and then it wasn't there anyway. Very funny!

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Andrea - I don't draw, only doodle so I am fascinated by all your sketches. Love your hair colour too by the way! I haven't posted the calendar yet but plan on getting it in the post Monday. Have a great weekend.

Bad Faery said...

I love how Oscar becomes more defined as the drawings process. It's 'active seeing' in action.
The broccoli drawing is my favourite. Lots of energy in those strokes.