Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lines, metamorphosing - Pages in my Moleskine - AEM 8

Again, a line drawn vertically in the middle of the page. Then just look at it as you look at clouds in the sky were you would discover shapes of giant faces, of animals or witches, of sheeps and horses or of gods and goddesses ?


Elizabeth said...

Oh WOW! This is beautiul and soooo full of imagination... I like tracing the edge of the line, and the balance between space and nothingness and all those faces. The page on the right is more solid but equally attractive. They remind me of gargoyles I saw on top of Notre Dame Cathadral too.

sukipoet said...

I am stunned really by your imagination and creativity and eye for color and shapes.

Clevelandgurlie said...

Witches and tortured souls - that's what I see in these. Very emotive and thought provoking (as much of your work is, Andrea.)
Have you heard of "zentangle?" That's what your description of this reminds me of. Zentangles are similar in nature (look at the gallery). I have really gotten in to doing these whilst in my car or waiting for my daughter. I will post a few.
Oh - and would you like to make our trade a "holiday time trade?" if you are under pressure? Shall we move the date to Decmeber 15th??


Patti said...

I feel like writing a fairy tale when I look at these - very imaginative!

ANDREA said...

Oh, Gargoyles and zentangles! That is a great inspiration too. Suki, I must say that the Moleskine takes watercolours so nicely! In fact the paper is a bit yellowish, as if already aged with tea or a wash of ocre, that lets the colour shine through differently than white paper. And it is rather thick, so that it "drinks" the watercolours quickly- that leaves nice, inexpected shades.