Monday, November 5, 2007

Mask Studies and three "onelinedoodles"- AEM, day4, Nov. 4th

This is a try to work negative/positive space for lino etching which I have been planning for some time now. Time runs again, after a week of stillstand. Which was good for both halfs of my brain. The three little doodlemasks on the bottom of the page are "onelinedoodles", fun to make.


sukipoet said...

Can't wait to see the lino print. You do so many things.

Elizabeth said...

I just love the way your brain works, left and right sides! :-)

Linocutting is such fun... I got my equipment out again the other day, but still planning what to do. I always feel that Linocutting is a winter activity for some reason!

ANDREA said...

Linocutting, I agree, is a winter activity, perhaps cause it canmake you sweat?