Monday, November 19, 2007

TAGGED and "Me and my purse, which got stolen"

This is silly, sour me, in exactly the same (brandnew violet) jacket I went out with on Saturday morning at the beautiful marketplace. BTW you can see pictures of this marketplace in one of my recent posts. I had my rucksack with me as always.

Once there, waiting in a row at the fish stand (after having bought Sauerkraut, don't laugh, and saussages) I thought it would be better to put my beautiful big bright-red leather purse in the too-little-for-it-and-very-accessible right pocket of my jacket.

Someone came real close, pretending to look at the fish, he was so close that I was about to complain but then he vanished. Seconds afterwards I saw someone running. I thought that it is really silly to run at a marketplace... Another second later a little bell rang in my head. But twas too late... You can click on the picture to see what the purse is saying:)

I got tagged by my dear friend Lynn, here we go, this is how it works:

1. link to the person who tagged you: LYNN ; 2. Post the rules. 3. List seven random things about yourself. (see below) 4. Tag seven random people 5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog


1- I'm 50 years old, my names are Andrea Katharina Johanna

2-1.72 m - 5.7 feet / 72 kg - 160 pds /green-blue eyes

3-I love animals. I have been "rescueing" eathworms from wet streets all my life.

4-I have no children but a lovely stepdaughter who is 23 years old and loves Manga and Fairies.

5-I am a calm person, avoid crouds. When I can't avoid them, I imagine myself in a golden bubble with connection to the source of all energy:)

6-I don't have time to cook like I'd like to cook.

7-I love my family and my friends, lipstick, my cat Oscar, cashmere sweaters, Tulips,Roses,Lilies, silk, beer, cotton, pears, linnen, Sauerkraut:), wine, the earth, clay, jeans, good whole-wheat bred, wood, fire, stones and rocks, paints, olive oil, pens, colours,

and blogging.

I think, the internet is a great way for artists to connect. Those I tag now are people I haven't "met" yet. I have spent time visiting your blogs, admiring your beautiful arts and the way you share a bit of your thoughts about life with others. I wish you and my other blog-friends a great creative day, I send you all my best wishes.


K Baxter

Jacquie Stone

Ms. Cowrie Quilts

Cathy Kleeman

Marion Barnett

Melanie Testa


Sue B said...

Oh Andrea, what a terrible thing to have happen.

Gunnels blog said...

Hi Andrea! Yes, so terrible thing at the market! But I like the photos from the market, very much! You have a fine blog and you are doing great art! I am glad you visit my blog so I found your blog. I hope you don´t mind if I say no to be tagged. I have been tagged so many times before, and I think it´s take so much time to find people which didn´t already been tagged. And I have already sayed no to several people this autumn. But you can read about me here:

I think these 7 things about me are the same now! Have a nice day!

marion said...

Sad that you had your purse stolen...but happy to make a new internet friend...thanks for tagging me! My answers are on my blog today.

Cris in Oregon said...

Still a bummer about your purse. Did you report it or does that do any good?
Interesting facts you put down about yourself. will have to come back and read them again. But it is nice to read them. You listed quite alot in one number. Alot I like to.
Have a better day today. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog always.

WendyB said...

So sorry about your purse, but your drawing is very funny!

ANDREA said...

Hi everybody, I'm so glad to be pitied:)
Yes Cris, I reported the theft at the local police station (necessary to get new ID etc) where the recording police-man told us such horrible stories about everything else that happens in this city every day and specially that saturday morning - that I thought oh, great how nice, they only stole my purse:)

Cris in Oregon said...

Oh dear.. Were they trying to Scare you or make you feel better????
Everytime my Girlfriend goes to Europe she gets something stolen. We are a bit lax here in our thinking of personal safety I think. Soemthing to think about.

Cris in Oregon said...

PS.. Of course here we dont allow anyone to get into our personal space around us. If they do my alarm bells go off.. So maybe I am subsconciously guarding myself all the time.

sukipoet said...

Andrea oh how scary to have your purse stolen. I was hoping you meant you only had money in it but guess you had other papers and things. IE some stuff in your backpack.

When traveling and even in familiar places with crowds I sometimes carry my money etc in one of those hidden pouch things that lie close against the body.

Really it sounds like something out of Dickens, the manner in which he did it.

Interesting to read your second list of 7 things. I esp like your list of things you love. be well, suki


sukipoet said...

Love the idea of you rescuing earth worms, ppor dears get squished so often.

Lynn said...

Great drawing of a terrible incident! Your humor will help, it is priceless!

Cathy Kleeman said...

Thanks for tagging me! It's always nice to meet up with new artists, especially those who have a different frame of reference. I'll post 7 things on my blog today, but I don't think I will pass it on.