Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Self in the morning - Like Summer I.

Today is Tuesday, it is raining and it is not cold. I got up early, did a bit of gym, let Oscar sit on the balcony, read e-mails, showered (washed my hair) and had breakfast. Whole-weat breat with a little butter, joghurt and coffee.

I made the bed, opened the window-shutters in the bedroom, watched some blackbirds sitting on a vertical wall on branches of wild wine, picking at the tiny berries.

I went to the bathroom, brushed my hair, then Oscar came and wanted to be brushed too. So I brushed him (-he has his own brush,) he purred and wanted to bite me which is a proof of love.

I went to my desk, which is very high cause I like to work standing when I paint and draw. I thought that it would be nice to draw something before working on the things in process. Draw something for the AEM. I took my Moleskine and a black pen, went to the big mirror in the tiny hall and draw a morning-selfportrait, as honestly as I could. I like the earnest expression of my face. My husband says that it looks older than me and that my face is not so "hollow".....:)

Now I'm going to paint a sun, green grass and leafs, white birds in a perfectly clear blue sky, red roses and strawberries, blue-green water and girls in summerdresses because it is really too grey outside at the moment.
(Well, finally I got the girl, the sun the sea and the sky, the birds and the green grass:-)


Cris in Oregon said...

Morning rituals are interesting. We all have them. I see yours included your Cat. Add two more cats and a dog and morning rituals START with the animals at our house. lol
Love the Beach scene. I makes me want Summer weather at the Beach. You captured it so well. Nice self drawing.
oh and Pretty colors on the pockets you're doing too.

sukipoet said...

Maybe the self-portrait is more how you feel right now after having been robbed. I like it, it's "real."

Thanks for an invite into your day. I used to write such things, day descriptions, to two friends back in the days when letters were handwritten. We would share minute details and delight in it. One lived on the east coast of USA, one on the west coast and one in the middle. Its a fun kind of sharing.Be well and treat yourself to something special.

Leah said...

i love this perspective of the girl running!!

ANDREA said...

Leah, I think your drawing of the travelling girl inspired this perspective!:)
Suki I guess you are right, the fact that I've been robbed surely shows on that "sour" face...:) And perhaps one day, when you are more settled, you'll share your morning ritual with us? I find the description of peoples daily routines very interesting...
Cris, it's certain that morning rituals aren't the same if you don't have pets! And my mother always told me her early morning ritual when she was young: milking the cows before even getting breakfast...

Lynn said...

Again, I am very drawn to this bright sunny drawing of the girl running...It is summer personified.

Morning rituals. Mine have been different this week with not having to go to work. Long time in Pjs and getting caught up with things long forgotten needed being done.

Your self portrait is interesting.
Perhaps how you will look in later years? But not sour. Sour only for having been robbed. This too shall pass.
Lucky to be loved by a cat.