Thursday, November 8, 2007

Soul Kytes - Pages in my Moleskin - AEM day 6

Soul Kytes tossing in the night wind. Like dreams. One-line doodles are great to do while sitting on a Metro bench squenched in between the window and the neighbour sitting next plus two neighbours in front who try to tuck in their long legs:)
Drawing these skytes make me feel less squeezed.

Found this poem by Joyce Carol Oates and thought I'd share it with you.


Elizabeth said...

Yes I would feel less squeezed looking at or drawing these too. Such pretty colours, your sketchbook is just so... lovely!

sukipoet said...

I agree with E. These sketches and the ones above are just so gorgeous, original, creative and colorful. I love the way you doodle and let your imagination reign free and come up with these amazing pages and ideas.

Lynn said...

The poem by Oates takes me back to my summer reading of The Kite Runner...those kites too so much care, power, stamina, blood (literally) to keep them flying, and they too fell "in a heap". But even the winning kyte fell eventually and was run after as the prize. A step beyong this poem.

ANDREA said...

Lynn, Suki, Elizabeth, thanks for your comments which are always a pleasure to read. "The Kite Runner" is a nice title, too! When we were little, my brother used to construct kites, (he is 5 years older and I always watched in awe:) then we went on the hill in windy weather and let it fly. Sometimes it came crashing down like a lightening, frightening that was, and things broke and had to be fixed again. But he (or our Dad) always managed to fix it. what a beautiful sight when it danced upon the winds:)