Friday, December 14, 2007

Cathie's "SUN" and "Laugh and Create" Bookmark

I have received "the perfect gift" today! Until a month ago I had avoided to interest myself in "artist challenges", but I'm glad I said yes when Cathie asked me if we could do this together: work on some textile-art-piece destined for the other.

This is what I received today in the mail. I took nice close-ups to honour the beautiful details of Cathie's "challenge-pieces, made for me. I even photographed the wrapping paper cause I love it and will keep it for some future collage - also in it was a pink greeting card, a piece of delicious Hershey (? is that right?)chocolate which was eaten by the second, as well as some "Native American" cinnamon-smelling herb tea!

This is "THE SUN" made of painted silk, linnen, and various thread, and I just realize that I forgot to take a picture of it's back, I'll have to include it later !

And this is a wonderfully coloured bookmark, I love the little silver things. It is warming up my books from now on:)


Cris in Oregon said...

Beautiful.. absolutly beautiful. I will have to come back and check this out more when I have more time. How nice for you.

Sue B said...

gorgeous! wow, lucky you!

Lynn said...

What a cool exchange this was/is. I think her sun is absolutely divine! I just love everything about it, the stitching, the colors, the beads, etc. etc.
And that she thougt to include chocolate too! WOW! REally Lucky you. The charms on the pink book mark are the same as on the silver earrings a friend made for me a while back that I posted. I am wearing them tonight as I see yours.
We have twin bangles! Lucky US!
I wonder if you'll post what you are sending her? That would be nice to see too. Lucky her!

sukipoet said...

These are so beautiful. What a lovely exchange gift. As Lynn said, and the chocolate too. I'd also like to see your work if you havent sent it already. You have time to make things for an exchange/??? You are full of creative energy and even though someone commented on your "slow" process I think you are also very speedy. Is that a contradiction? Not sure. I think things can be both.

By the way it is 9degrees here this morning.

Jacquie said...

Andrea, I love this. How fun! I saw your comment on my website/blog and love your blog. Hope to hear from you soon.

ANDREA said...

My dear Friends, thanks for your comments on Cathie's SUN, which is really so beautiful. I was hesitant when she asked me if I'd do the challenge with her because I was afraid of not having the time and do something "too quickly" which is not my kind of thing. But then everything turned out fine cause the challenge permitted me to experiment with new stuff and also it is very motivating to do something for someone in that direct way. (You can see the piece MACROSCOSMOS I did for Cathie on her blog CLEVELANDGURLIE its in my side bar, ) And the pleasure to receive something artfully handmade by Cathie in return was such pleasure and fun.

Suki, I think what you say is so true, I mean that I'm progressing slowly and I'm quick at the same time. It is because I spend a lot of time with details which are very precious to me and I hope to others too. Time is allowing our hands to make things beautiful and give them sense, but we don't see this anymore as we live in the "Cult of the Speed and the Young". Ok I give you a break now :) LOL

Cris in Oregon said...

Andrea, I just saw yours on Cathie's blog.. It was a favorite of mine too. Good job both of you. I came back to look at it again.
How is the new stuff coming? Yes everyone is in a rush these days and they dont stop to enjoy the things made by hand with love. It's an INSTANT world anymore.
Have a great weekend.

ANDREA said...

Cris, the new stuff is coming fine:) I think I found a good idea of doing a nice series of designs with rather big patterns, like flowery wallpapers, very fashionable right now and fun to imagine. I'll post some samples on the blog when it will have advanced:)

Cris in Oregon said...

Sounds wonderful Andrea. I bet it comes out beautiful.
I FINALLY got your subscription thing to accept me. I have tried over and over to get it and it wouldnt accept me. FINALLY Today it did. YEAAAA

Chris Bolmeier said...

The textile bookmark, will you make more for people to purchase round the world?
Chris Bolmeier

ANDREA said...

Cris, the bookmark is made by Cathie:) she sent it to me. You can look at her blog, it is in my side bar under "Clevelandgirlie",

StegArt said...

A very lovely piece by Cathie. Lucky you!

Carla said...

This is so lovely. You are so growing. I also love the colours.
Andrea, I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and for 2008 all the succes you deserve.

Wurzerl said...

Wow, Andrea, was für tolle Sachen ich auf Deinem Blog schon entdeckt habe, und ich bin noch am Beginn meiner Entdeckungstour. Die schönen Seidendesigns in diesem Post haben es mir besonders angetan.
Und wir beide scheinen ja irgendwie geistige Schwestern zu sein. Ich liebe exakt die gleiche Musik wie Du, Aitmatow ist auch bei mir ganz oben beim Lesen. Machst Du beim Tai'Chi nur die Soloform oder auch die Schwertform zusätzlich wie ich. Vielleicht komme ich nach Paris und Du lernst mir Seidenmalen und dann kommst Du nach München um mein chinesisches Tuschemalen kennenzulernen. Aber ob sich unsere Katzen vertragen werden, grins. Jedenfalls freue ich mich, daß Du mich über Vero aufgestöbert hast, so kann ich jetzt regelmäßig Deine schönen Arbeiten sehen.
Lieber Gruß vom Wurzerl