Friday, December 14, 2007

Temporary Priority Switch (TPS) Day ONE !

I have to abandon my Ancestor-Spirit-Mask project for the month of December. I'll explain why. I am riding two horses, horse one is called "textile design for hometextiles and interior decoration", the other one " textile art". I'll go away in the second week of January to the international Hometextile fair in Francford. Two designer-friends of mine have a textile-design studio called "PIMENT DOUX"and a stand at the fair.

I'll work with them as their interpreter and fellow designer showing my designs at their stand. I did that last year with only about 20 designs, sold nothing, but learned a lot about trends in decoration and about "industrial" design of hometextiles. This year I'll take a greater number of designs, but so far I only have finished 8 because they'll be exclusively hand-painted.

Deadline January 6th . I'm running late. On the other hand, a deadline can be a very good thing , as it takes you into a kind of creative immersion. Ideas are crowding in and you focus on them and you stay right there until you have translated them onto paper or whatever your supporting material may be.

The designs are exclusive and secret:), but I invite you to accompany me during the creative journey this month: I will share quick sketches, studies and ideas for my designs which I am able to get into my Moleskine while metroing, with you here on my blog. Off I go, time is running.


verobirdie said...

That must be exciting! hope you'll sell more than last year.

Cris in Oregon said...

How fun..Your right.. nothing like a deadline to spur one on. I will be looking forward to the tidbits you blog for us. Happy creating. Looks very interesting.

Lynn said...

I can feel the speed in your voice/writing and feel like I am running beside the horses as they come closer and closer to the finish line, neck and neck, but still with a long ways to go in a very short time. I want to cheer you on and know you will be creating awesome things to take to the fair! Come on Andrea, faster, faster, you are almost there! The winner!!!!

sukipoet said...

Andrea you are a woman of many surprises and talents. I cheer you on but say too don't forget to breathe. I look forward to see ing more of your design sketches.

I thank you for your comments on my blog. the robe, the hat. Please do print out the photo and do with it what you will. I'm touched.

And thank you for your comments on my bridge post. I reflected to you on these three posts on my blog so have been brief here. Good luck with the textile designs.

sukipoet said...

Hello Andrea. I looked up the book you mentioned "Discovery of Slowness" and it has been translated into English so I ordered a copy via amazon. Thanks!! Hope you are enjoying the Paris version of winter.

ANDREA said...

Hi everybody, thanks for you cheering me on, and for your comments in general. I hope you are all well. Sorry if I do not comment on your blogs, I will soon!
I have been trying to concentrate on design patterns this weekend, and have made progress but not enough in my opinion. I'll keep you updated.
Concentration is sometimes difficult as I am going through "the change" as this old Lady puts it in "Fried Green Tomatoes". Hugs to you.