Friday, February 1, 2008


Have a look into my sketchbook, after all this computerdesignstuff. A Sketchbook is a living thing, isn't it? Have a wonderful day!

There is life everywhere,
Colour here, colour there,
sunflowers and roses,
thistles and dandelions,
lamps, rugs and bedsheets,
and a lady in yellow during her daily brainstorming session: ...oh and a tiny chinese doll!


sukipoet said...

As always your sketch book pages are wonderful, inventive and inspiring. A pleasure to the eyes. I love Miss Doodle. There you go. You have your icon now make her as popular as the Pillsbury dough boy. Or the smiley face :)

Kim said...

How Special! Thank you, Andrea for sharing these pages with us. These are like a small view into your world.

Thank you for this special gift.

Cris in Oregon said...

These are lovely too. What are you drawing and painting in. What KIND of sketch book? Where do the ideas come from? do you just do these out of your head? I love this kind of sketching. Thanks for sharing. More of these please along with the others you are doing too. :) Oh I finished my cat drawing and posted it. That was fun too.

Annica said...

Love, love, love your doodles! Doodeli-do!

Frances said...

Andrea, I love your sketch book pages, fun flowers and miss Doodle is wonderful, best wishes France,

Mary Richmond said...

I just love sketches and sketchbook pages and yours are wonderful!

Ann said...

Love, love, love these sketches!