Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Under the ocean"

This is a little collage, watercolour and silk, from my "Submarine ballad" theme.

I am working on the set-up of my Cestandrea's Etsy Shop right now, that is why I haven't posted or commented for so long. Lots of images to scan and to be worked on, and I am still pondering the adequate words for the "presentation" of the shop.

The items you can buy there will be mostly signed and numbered prints from limited editions of orginal drawings, paintings and collages, as well as digital creations. Later on I'll add some textile wallhangings too. I love Etsy, it is such a great way to show your work and to find the artwork you'll fall in love with and which will inspire you on your own artistic journey!

Soon I will be back with a tale of Miss Doodle's Day! In the meantime, come and visit Cestandrea's shop to have a look at the "Submarine ballad" and other colourful things


sukipoet said...

Andrea congrats on setting up the shop. Havent looked yet but will. I saw a weather thing that it was 52 degrees in Paris y'day. So warm???

ANDREA said...

Suki: 48.2 degrees here today, with sun and wind.
Too warm for me, I like cold winter better, at least when I don't have to drive a car.

sukipoet said...

Andrea. I'd take the rain and warmer temps meself. Have been reading some mysteries set in Paris and feel like I've taken a little trip there.

Checked out your shop. congrats at already selling one of your prints!!! That image is my favorite but I like them all esp the ocean-like images. Do you tell people which ones are done (originally) digitally vs which ones created by hand.?? Am i old- fashioned in wanting to know?? I understand they are all prints of the originals. Do you make a print of a digitally made picture or just print out print out. Maybe that doesnt make any sense. Good luck with your shop. Cheers and umbrella's of Cherbourg. Suki

Sue B said...

Congrats on the shop Andrea - I wish you much success!

Karen said...

This is gorgeous--love the colors.

I'll have to go check out your new shop!

Carla said...

Oh, Andrea, I can see I haven.t been around here for a while. How great that you have your own Etsy shop now. I wish you all the succes in the world with the shop. And what a busy lady you are.

Kim said...

Andrea! This is exceptionally beautiful. I love it! The colors and the softness is very inviting.

Congratulations on the opening of your shop! That is very cool!

I will be returning to see how Miss Doodle is getting along and to see all these lovely things you are producing.

ANDREA said...

Suki, sometimes I just scan a drawing or painting and print it out.
Other times I scan a drawing and create something completely else with it digitally, by colouring it or cutting things out or by adding parts of other drawings/paintings.

Or I scan a painting and slightly change the background or the shadows digitally, which gives it graphical interest, so to speak. It is like doing a collage, you work with the computer instead of working with glue and scissors.

The prints in my Etsy-shop are allmost all a mix of these techniques. Hope this explains it well. Thanks for asking,

Elizabeth said...

Fantastic Shop Andrea - ABSOLUTLEY FABULOUS designs, no wonder one is sold already! Many Congrats!

Questions! Questions!!...It all sounds so interesting and I am longing to have a go....

What sort of printer do you print them out on?
What sort of inks?
Where does one buy the paper?
What sort of program do you use to manipulate the images in?
Do you have to have 'training' for use of such a program, or can one 'make it up as one goes along'?

Cris in Oregon said...

Wow Andrea. Thats great about your Etsy shop. I checked it out. I am just hearing about etsy from everyone here.
I await Miss Doodle's day. I agree with everyone that you should make it into a book. She makes me smile.
Thanks for you comments on my painting and photos. They are aways appreciated. :)

sukipoet said...

Andrea thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. It's a different world now with computers and their programs. It sounds like fun but I'd have to buy a lot of equipment to do it. I don't even have a skanner. Hope you have a creative day.

Forever Young said...

congrats on your shop, love your stuff, awesome.

Cris in Oregon said...

Andrea, You can take up all the space you want on my blog comments. I love your comments, they make me feel good & smile. :)
Hugs Cris

Regina said...

Liebe Andrea
Gratulation zur Shop-Eröffnung.

Liebe Grüße,

TammyVitale said...

Oh - do let me know how you do on Etsy. I've had no luck at all. And you remind me that here I am taking a breather (literally) and I have forgotten that I need to go back to Sacred and post masks. But then I'm almost done! (it's always "almost" lately - but that's good, that means I don't get bored). It's great to see how you are moving along in your art world - you go girl!

Wurzerl said...

Was finde ich jetzt großartiger, das Bild, oder die Tatsache, daß ich Dich jetzt in Deinem eigenen Shop besuchen kann?? Na, ich muß mich ja nicht festlegen, aber mein Kommentar kann nicht so lang werden, weil ich ja neugierig bin, also werde ich Dich jetzt in Deinem "Laden" besuchen.
Viel, viel Glück und Erfolg damit, wünscht Dir das Wurzerl

Lynn said...

I love this painting on this post. The colors are wonderful and it has texture much like a top motion sewn art quilt piece.

Love all on the shop! Bon sales!

human being said...

so profound as well as beautiful

i had a feeling of 'yin and yang' when watching this art work... two things which are one...

Into the Blystic said...

Hi Andrea
Beautiful work! love the colours and textures! Best of luck with your shop!