Monday, February 18, 2008

Fancy Paris and the Winners

And the winners are..............................................

N°1 - EMMY (the heart flies to the Netherlands)

N°2 - PAULA (two little Eiffeltowers travel to New Mexico)

and N°3 - MICKY (Paris goes to Kentucky:)

Congratulations and thanks so much to you and all the others who played this little game with me, it brought me a lot of fun. Do not be sad if you did not win. There will certainly be another occasion !

I wish all of you a good week, Spring is in the air. And don't forget to check in on Miss Doodle's and her adventures.



Kim said...

Andrea, this was a fun little game for everyone. All of these treasures are going to have the best time in their new homes! It was fun to watch all of the wonderful people come out to play here.

I am sure Oscar had a delightful time with all of the choices, too.

Have a Great Week!

Cestandrea said...

Actually, Oscar refused to proceed to the drawing of lots blindfolded, so it had to be my lovely husband:)

sukipoet said...

How funny that Oscar would have to be blindfolded!! This was fun Andrea. You are the treasure. Take care, Suki And hi to Miss Doodles too.

Cris in Oregon said...

Congtats to all the winners. This was fun. What a wonderful turn out too.

Emmy said...

OOOO I won howe wonderful Thanks so much
we were in paris some years agoo and we have lots of wonderful memories
I love the heart and miss Doodle,s

warm regards Emmy

Lynn said...

To the Lucky winners: Bravo!
Please keep those effiel tower earrings in your next drawing! I have to win them one day, or come to Paris to buy my own? ;-)
Love the idea of Oscar picking the winner and then not...turning the responsiblity over to your Dear Husband. I will go check on Ms Doodle now.

Wurzerl said...

Congrats to all the winners!!
Liebe Andrea, das war ja ein Heidenspaß. Noch einmal vielen Dank für Deine nette Idee. Da ich nun den Eiffelturm nicht gewonnen habe, werde ich doch für das nächste Jahr einmal eine Paris-Reise ins Auge fassen. Miss Doodles wird mir sicher einige Tipps geben, was ich in mein Gepäck legen und welche Sehenswürdigkeiten ich besuchen muß.
Dir wünsche ich eine gute Woche

dmlebris said...

It was exciting to play that little lottery :)
It was like a sunny Spring day, very enjoyable since it is still winter here.

I hope that you enjoyed your weekend.
Looking forward to hear from you

Danielle :)

Carol said...

Hi Andra, looks as if everyone had fun joining in your givaway.
thanks for you comments

Forever Young said...

yippeeee spring, send some over here to london too please.