Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Playing with marks and coloured ink

I have been playing not only with brush and ink at home, but also with mark-making in the metro, trying to imagine how the designs would look on bedsheets or curtains.

And, oh surprise, as I was colouring these pages this morning, Miss Doodle happened to fly by. Oh, she's one busy woman:)

The green leaves and red fruits are coloured with ink, not with watercolour. I'm very fond of the red ink, it is in a tiny little old fashioned glass bottle with a cork and I have had it for ages, almost twenty years, I guess. It still works. I have 4 other colours, indigo blue, goldgreen, yellow, but they have not resisted so well to age. The red did.


Kim said...

Andrea, I just love to see your sketchbook compositions. These are great fun. When you use the ink, do you apply it with a brush or other tool(s)? You are right, the red is fabulous. I think that pigment is quite stable, but difficult to produce. That it has lasted this long I think speaks well of the quality of the product you purchased so many years ago. Take a photo of the bottle, it sounds fabulous. I have always been interested in ink, but have never taken the time to learn more about it. What pen do you use for your line making? Lovely work.

That Miss Doodle! You just never know where she will show up next. But she adores you, so I can imagine she is trying to learn from her mentor. You are right, she is a busy modern woman!

Thanks for sharing.

dmlebris said...

That red is fabulous :)


Cris in Oregon said...

Love love love to see your sketch book work. and that sneaky Miss Doodle.. She is one busy lady. :)
Yes do take a photo of that red ink bottle.

Into the Blystic said...

you remind me that I should be using my sketchbook more! love the patterning in the stitching... great way to work out an idea! namaste Elis

Wurzerl said...

Ich habe so das dumpfe Gefühl, als hätten wir unsere niedlichen Tintengläser mit den gemütlichen Korkverschlüssen zur gleichen Zeit gekauft. Interessant auch, daß das Wasser je nach Farbe unterschiedlich schnell verdunstet. Das Rot ist ja jetzt bei Dir sensationell, so intensiv war die Farbe früher wahrscheinlich gar nicht. So meine "busy" Liebe, ich danke noch ganz artig, mit Knickschen (hasts gesehn?)für Deine Café-Einladung, ich werde mich auf jeden Fall schon Monate vorher anmelden, daß Miss Doodle nicht mit neuen Sonderwünschen dazwischenfunkt.
Ganz lieben Gruß zum Eiffelturm von den oberbayerischen Zwiebelkirchtürmen vom Wurzerl, die die mit den Pflanzen spricht!

Wurzerl said...

Mein Kommentar war jetzt wohl so lange, daß Blogger gesprengt habe, er ist jedenfalls futsch!!! Ok noch einmal im Telegrammstil: Wurzerl auch hat diese ominösen, bekorkten, alten Tintengläser - stop - mein pink ist futsch - stop - Dein rot wahrscheinlich genialer, als neu - stop - artiges Mädchen macht queensgerechtes Knickschen und dankt für Café-Einladung - stop - um busy Miss Doodle nicht in Quere zu kommen, wird Anmeldung Monate vorher erfolgen - stop - Grüße zum Eiffelturm von Münchner Friedensengel - stop - vom beglückten Wurzerl, die, die mit den Pflanzen spricht,grins, nö, stop!!!

Wurzerl said...

Uih, wo kommt der erste Kommentar plötzlich her, sorry, so wollte ich Dich jetzt aber gar nicht vollquatschen, bin schon weg, duck!
Noch 'n Gruß Wurzerl (aber der letzte für heute)

Mary Richmond said...

oh these sketches are yummy!

sukipoet said...

I really like that dash and dot pattern on the sheets and coverlet. And how wonderful that Miss Doodle flew by overhead.! I love all these ink colors. Thanks, Suki

Cestandrea said...

Hi my dear friends, your comments are one important part of my inspiration each day! I love you all :)

Kim, in this case I use a brush to apply the ink. Good idea to take a photo of the bottle (or draw it?) thanks for the inspiration always! Sometimes I also use bamboo pieces and fix them on a stick. I'll show you in one of my next posts.
Wurzerl, you always make me laugh and I love three Wurzerl comments at once.
Suki, I'll try the dash and dot pattern for a textile design, I like it too!

Forever Young said...

oh yes the red ink is so alive, so red!i'd love to see the bottle too.

Lynn said...

Ms Doodle is flying to play music with my DH. He is in the living room playing his guitar and singing waiting for her arrival. It will be such a music jamboree once she gets here I can hardly wait.

Delightful story of old inks too.

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